Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A first.

On Sunday, Aaron and I drove to see EJ and JJ and their new baby Madeline. Before going to their place, we stopped at SuperTarget (aka, my heaven on earth!) to pick up some food and baby stuff for them.

We walked in the door of the capitalistic haven with another shopper, a middle-aged, nicely dressed lady. Aaron stepped ahead to grab a basket, while the other lady took a cart and kind of cut me off a bit. It was very close, though - if I'd have gone on, I would have been cutting her off...so no big deal.

Here's where the big deal came in. As she was pushing her cart forward, she glanced in my direction. Then immediately did a double-take, looking directly at my belly, and never at my face.

We were both shocked and completely amused by this lady's reaction. I have never had anyone, at any point in any of my pregnancies, have such a blatant reaction to my girth.

Now, folks, I was in fact wearing a non-maternity sweater that day. You know, one of those tops that makes anyone who wears it appear to be pregnant? I mean, you could be a twig, but while wearing one of these things, people may be wondering about your due date. I would avoid them at all costs...except for the fact that I AM expecting, so they are the next best thing to sliced bread.

My mom (when I told her about it later) immediately thought the lady was confused by my choice of top. HOWEVER. My grey wool coat was buttoned over the top of the sweater. Mom also thought that I might have been misreading her actions, or overreacting. HOWEVER. Aaron had turned back towards by that time, and clearly saw the entire situation. As willing as Mom is to believe that I may be oversensitive, she has never tried that argument with Aaron. To her, if he felt the same way, why, it must have been true.

I told Aaron I would probably dream that I was a whale again that night. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I had a dream that I was in labor and running around crazy trying to make sure the kids were taken care of, etc...and then it wasn't me in labor anymore, it was a big white whale out in the harbor behind the house. So tell me what you think THAT means. You get one guess.

ps - thanks to Tara for the redesign - including the photos of the kids! You are awesome!


Noel said...

The new header was there a bit ago, but not now. Did you save the edits? It looked great.

AJ said...

From the book of Aaron Chaper 22 verse 3: And she looked upon her. And then she looked upon her again.

Lyz said...

AJ,that is the best comment EVAH.

Also, I think the header I am referring to in the "ps" will return...:)

Noel said...

The links to Dooce and the Sibs and SILs blogs are also gone....Is there a prize for identifying all the differences between blog version A and blog version B?

Noel said...

The new banner is up, the links are restored, life is good, and I will reply to the non-ps portion of the blog:

Note that said sweater can also cause people to look and wonder in mid-June as to if you had your baby. I ran into this recently at church where I saw a mom-to-be who looked less pregnant than I expected, but was wearing a big sweater. My kind wife explained it to me.

Hopefully in your case, Lyz,

(a) As a regular reader and Book Club spouse, I will know such things sooner.
(b) Spring will be here so sweaters and wool coats are no longer needed.

Joyful Living said...

Love the new layout! I love you more!

Ruth said...

i suggest wearing only lycra or mid-driff bearing shirts. perferrably, old football uniforms cut off at the ribs.

also. that dream with the white whale? AMAZING. close, close second to my dreams where babies/toddlers are too heavy for me to lift.

JJ and EJ said...

Very, very nice! Great job Tara!

Suzi said...

Like the new banner and color. But I have a hard time reading the text in white, don't know why. I've noticed it on other websites too, I think the darker just sticks out better for my eyes. Looks great though!