Friday, February 20, 2009

Time for more snippets.

I have no good blog subject today.

- Yesterday was garbage day. We somehow missed it, even though I put out our 2 overflowing cans and pile of cardboard recycling at 10am when we left the house. Don't know how it happened, but we are going to have one heck of a pile next week. Thanks to the several parties of the last week, we had more than the normal amount for ONE week. There's no telling what size the mountain will be in another week.

- It's snowing today. I decided to wait and let Aaron shovel it.

- Figured our our digital antenna issues. The antenna in the attack works for the lower channels, and the rabbit ears work for the upper ones. So, to go from PBS to CBS we need to attach a different antenna to the digital converter box. Like my mom said, "Liz, this is 2009." Also, PBS comes in well sometimes, but not reliably so. All this still spells C-A-B-L-E to me.

- Had a baby doctor appointment yesterday, which predictably lasted 5 minutes. Measure, heartbeat, "Any questions?" and we were out of there.

- The OB asked, "Are you still feeling the baby move every day?" I said, "It's more like ALL DAY." This morning I swear Magnus was doing the hula in there.

- My kids are obsessed the DVD of photos and videos we put together of Leah's first year. Somehow I think it would be a treat to see the videos of BEN before there is another whole baby in the house.

- Leah got a watch in her Happy Meal today, and two hours later it was already not telling correct time. C'mon, McDonald's. If you're going to give the kids a watch, at least make sure it lasts longer than their interest in it.

- My darling daughter gently woke me up at an abominable time this morning to tell me, "All my stuff is on the floor!" So of course I oh-so-sympathetically informed her that she was already out of bed, and could just pick it up herself. Geez.

- Aaron has decided to reject every name suggestion for this child, solely because I am driving him crazy. I told him that won't help the issue at hand AT ALL.

- When my dear friend Tara redid my blog design (thanks again!) there were apparently some glitches. One was that my blogroll didn't make the transfer. Another was that my Google Analytics tracking missed that boat, also. As I quickly inferred when my report said I had ONE HIT the other day. My first thought was, "WHA-AT? Where WAS everyone?" Then I figured it out. Situation remedied.

- Scrapbooking progress has been lagging. More dedication and motivation needed. Maybe if I could watch CABLE while working on it...

- The CW is one of the few channels we get in well right now. Aaron and I are both slightly obsessed with Sex and the City, and are becoming able to place the random reruns in the general timeline. We are sooo with the times.


Beth said...

Funny comment about Sex in the're right, it's odd watching them out of sequence, it's hard to keep up w/ all the romances and dramas, etc. But then, if you get the DVDs, you absolutely waste the day because you will watch all the episodes in one sitting, guaranteed.

Yes, I have more family in Watford City than I care to admit on my blog. Are we related maybe? Frankly, I'm starting to think all NDers are related somehow.

Noel said...

At least this time of year the garage is a giant refrigerator so that if the trash has to sit another week, it's just a space and not an odor issue. One thing I don't like about the coming Fargo trash pick-up change is that it will be less forgiving of missed and big trash weeks.

Your antenna observation makes sense. A new attic antenna _might_ solve reception for all channels. The gambling cost to try is maybe a month or two of cable, assuming you can't return the antenna. I've heard Nodak is helpful with antennas.

Noel said...

A thought on the antenna situation while waiting for the minutes of last night's Book Club meeting...

There are antenna switches which allow you to keep everything hooked up and then switch between the antennas by throwing a switch. Radio Shack and best Buy would be places to look for them.

Lyz said...

Beth - Carrie's hair length, Charlotte's divorce, and Miranda's baby are definitely helpful for us SITC newbies. And we totally would watch them all in one sitting.

I am positive that there are only 4 degrees of separation in ND.

Noel - No minutes this time! Only when we select books. But I have a post about my book journal rolling around in my head...

Noel said...

No minutes? But I was so looking forward to your record of the Christological references discussion in Despareaux! The view I hear at home is so one sided.

Ruth said...

i can't believe you and aaron are watching the sin and the city. holy crap.

if you'd like, i have seasons 2, 3, 4 & 5 on dvd.


Noel said...

Speaking of cable TV and declining quality of life...

As my wife is off at her scrapbooking retreat, my two daughters, our cat, and I find ourselves at home on a Saturday night flipping between QVC and HSN.

You want better for Aaron and your kids, don't you?

Solar-powered frog lanterns are currently on...must resist $23 Mothers Day gift...but the solar panel is in a lilypad

AJ said...

Yikes! Wouldn't call myself a Sex and the City fan. I admit to watching it, but I make myself feel better about it because it is the edited version for syndication.

Antenna tomfoolery really frustrated me in our WF house so I am getting weaker about my resistance to cable. I think it is all a big conspiracy to force us all to pay for TV.

Lyz said...

Okay, so maybe I exaggerated the "obsessed" part of SATC - it's more like we watch it cause nothing else funny comes in.