Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Relationships Made Easy

Leah had her friend Addie over to play this afternoon. Addie's mom and I have agreed that their conversations should be tape recorded for their entertainment value. Here are some small snippets of one such discussion:

They are getting ready to play wedding.

Leah: Can you help me pick out a dress to wear for the wedding?
Addie: How about this one? It is very beautiful.
L: No, that's a leotard that I'm going to wear for dance. And besides, it's not white, and wedding dresses are usually white. But this one of Ariel's is very pretty, too...

And then later...

A: Here are some necklaces for you to wear to the wedding.
L: You don't wear necklaces at a wedding!
A: Oh yes you do!
L: Well, my mommy didn't, so I'm not going to.
A: Well, my mommy DID, so I am too.

Still later....
L: Will you please be the prince? Cause I haven't found anyone to marry yet. Just for the wedding, and then you can be dead.
A: Okaaay. (Taking Leah's hands in her own) Will you marry me?
(Now they are holding hands and twirling)
A: What's your name?
L: Leah! Okay, now we dance. No, not fast. Slowly. Here. You put your head here, and I put my hand here. (They proceed with a good imitation of slow dancing.)

At this point they see me watching and Leah tells me the rules, "You don't watch me! I get all embarrassed!"

I was very impressed with Addie's willingness to play the lesser part of the husband (that is soo true to life, isn't it? At least for the wedding part.) We'll just have to work with Leah to understand that he has a role in the family AFTER the wedding - he doesn't just disappear. Well, not unless there is football on TV or something. And then it's mostly just temporary.


Ruth said...

seriously. tape that stuff. not only are their voices AWESOME, it truly is embarrassing, even 15 minutes later!

Noel said...

Somehow missing in the narrative of the role of males in marraige is the point during delivery at which the female attempts to slay and eat the male in spite of his efforts to be supportive in the birthing process....