Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In which I become a hormonal mess.

Recently I've had a couple of things come up that have (or will) alter various relationships:

My lovely practically-a-real-sister EJ had her baby. A good friend told me that she and her family are leaving the area. Baby Magnus has been kicking the tar out of me.

Magnus decided to tear a blue streak around my uterus while I was trying to read Leah her Awana story for tonight. Of course, not helping the situation was the fact that we needed to leave for Awana as soon as we finished, Ben was jumping all over talking about trains and cars, and Leah was trying to look at art brought from a friend's house. I just wanted to tell all THREE of them to just settle already! Then I realized that as frustrated as I was, Magnus doesn't even have a voice to add to the mix yet, and already I'm getting irritated with him. That is such a wonderful sign of my ability to parent three small children.

Also, I find myself admiring the relationship that Leah and Ben have - they play so well together and really enjoy it, for the most part. With another baby, will they still be close? Or will the boys join forces, leaving Leah out in the cold? I kind of know how that feels, and really hope it doesn't happen to my baby girl.

This friend who told me she's moving: I pretty much was convinced they never would, although with her husband's career you just never know. She was surprised that I was pretty much speechless after a couple of verification questions. What was I supposed to say? That I can't even imagine our church without them? That she's been a moral and spiritual rock for me? That I can't imagine not talking to her every week? That she's been both a mentor and peer to me, unlike almost any other friendship?

So yeah. I was speechless.

Speaking of speechless! Sister-in-law EJ is a mommy! 4 weeks early! - everyone is fine, they are going home soon with no NICU for baby Madeline. I am so excited to see her as a momma, and daddy JJ has already pronounced Madeline as "awesome" so he's doing fine!

At the same time that I've been excited for this step in their lives, I've been a little selfish, too. EJ and JJ have always been the super-indulgent auntie & uncle - our kids see them the most of all the wonderful aunties & uncles they've been blessed with. EJ always has a little present for them, reads books endlessly, and actually enjoys game after game of Go Fish! and Crazy Eights, God bless her. And JJ wrestles and chases and generally contributes the wearing out of both kids.

In other words, they make our job as parents sooo much easier when they visit. And JJ even cooks dinner!

Now that they have their own baby, I wonder if they will redirect all that love and attention to their own child. I hope they do, actually.

Here's the selfish bit: But what about MY kids? What about Aaron and I? PAY ATTENTION TO USSSS!

Okay, I think I got it out of my system. EJ, I know I've talked to you about this before, so don't think I'm an evil witch. Just still come visit and be our friends, okay?


Noel said...

The friend's move will take some processing <-- substitute your emotional and cognitve verbs> over coming days and will be something shared by many.

Congrats to EJ and JJ (they still read your blog, don't they? even though they have there own child). Sounds like a rough last week from their blog.

And speaking of hormonal messes, Barbie (the doll) is turning 50. Made me wonder if Mattel is coming out with a special edition Menopausal Barbie and what accessories might be in the box.

Noel said...

Perhaps the boys team up once Leah is in school all day and Mom is occupied with their new little sister?