Monday, February 9, 2009

Totally missing my opportunity.

Yesterday I got to enlighten no less than FOUR ladies to the fact that we are expecting a baby in - holy cramolies - 18 weeks. Although I see these ladies all fairly frequently, it has been a while, so I wasn't too surprised that they were just finding out. They, however, were fairly shocked.

One of them asked, outright, "Are you pregnant?"
I said, "Yes."
And she responded, "Oh, I would have been horrified if you'd have said no!" And then we chattered on about baby stuff.

But in the back of mind, it had dawned on me.
I was totally missing my chance to mess with people.

It's not too often that you truly can, especially if you and your crowd are the clean-living type. Pregnancy, and early pregnancy at that, is one of those few times in life that you can really catch people off guard.

So I'm going to try to do my best to remember, next time someone asks if I'm pregnant, to say "Oh, why do you ask?" I don't want to lie, of course. Just throw them off base for a bit.

There. You've been warned. And I think I have about 2 weeks to carry through with my dastardly plot before it becomes all too obvious what the answer will be.


Noel said...

As standard practice, I won't ask a woman if she is pregnant in the likely case I'm wrong and would have to smoothly say "That extra 15 lbs gives you such a glow!" ... when it might actually be just 5 lbs.

I've only been successful with one woman in asking her about taking an EPT (my wife ;-) .

Thus I'm left at the mercy of casual conversation and blog posts to be informed about these weighty matters.

Joyful Living said...

THANK YOU for leaving me out of this group!

Noel said...

...Also from the clueless male department is not knowing when looser fitting clothing is in style and when it is out of style and clearly signals a pregnancy.

Standing two cute, small kids behind you in the coffee line at church last Sunday, I don't think I would have suspected pregnancy or weight gain. Of course winter coats don't help with that determination, either...

Beth said...

I LOVED messing with people in my earlier pregnancy stages (it's a bit too obvious now). People should know by now: when in doubt, don't ask!