Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Internet, don't start with me.

The last few days have been like a cumulative argument for staying home and watching television. Shall I run through the main points for you?

- Ben has a nasty cough & runny nose, along with 75% of the kid population around here.
- The coughing and an accompanying obsessive fit caused him to gag & puke just before bed Sunday. Oranges and peach yogurt. At least it wasn't on me.
- The coughing also caused him to wake up FIVE times that night yelling for his blankie. Guess who was the lucky one to stumble down the hall to replace it? Oh, and Leah woke me up TWICE for flat-out stupid things.
- Yesterday I hosted the Valentine's Day potluck for MOMS Club.
-Last night we were left waiting for news about a certain mommy & baby.
- And, I ignored side twinges to have some much needed quality time with Crystal.
- Ben woke up only once last night. Leah woke up TWICE with bad dreams, which meant I had to lay with her for a bit till she fell asleep. Both times.
- Got good, good news about the mommy & baby! Yay!
- Thought we were going to get the door installed today! After three months of waiting! Hustled the kids out of church to be home in time!
- Got a voice mail from the door installer, then called him back...guess it'll be Thursday.
- Power struggle with Ben over eating candy before or after lunch. Guess which was his stance?
- Hosting an adoption celebration party for a friend tonight. Thank goodness I don't have to cook.
- Trying to clean bathrooms, do laundry, and finish treats for Leah's Sunday School class before dinner tonight.
- Awana at church tomorrow night, Bible study here Thursday night...
- Also trying to prepare for a baby shower I'm hosting on Saturday.

Needless to say, Aaron is NOT sympathetic to my stresses, seeing as how I brought most of upon myself. One of his greatest quotes: "Liz, some wives need encouraging, and some need tempering. You need tempering."

Or, as a friend said today, I'm over-committed. Or maybe just ready to be committed. Either way, I'm ready to spend some quality time with our sofa when all this is over.


Blue Castle said...

I just snorted over your hubby's comment. What a thing to say. :)

If it's any consolation, I feel your pain. I'm sympathizing and hope you make it through everything and get to rest for awhile.

Noel said...

Maybe you aren't just eating for two, maybe you are scheduling for two?

Aaron said...

Tell Leah she needs to HTFU. Just kidding don't really tell Leah that.

mama.nichols4 said...

Well Liz, you know my whole position on commitment.. in both regards. :)

One thing I find myself repeating in my wee little brain, is "that being with those I love, is enough." (an Uppercase Living quote) It's hard to make the steps to simplicity but it's so much easier once you're there, or so I've heard.

And besides.. you being busy all the time prevents me from chatting with you!

Lyz said...

Aaron - I have no idea what that means, although I have a guess about the FU part.

Noel - I like your explanation best.