Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now to lighten things up.

Sorry the last couple of posts have been rather heavy. So I'm going to rant about something totally random that's been bugging me for awhile.

These Jared jewelry ads. They drive me nuts.

First of all, you have the name. "Jared" does NOT speak to me about beautiful diamonds and gold. It's totally unconnected name, like calling your car dealership "Fred". And it's not "Jared'S" as in, "the jewelry store owned by Jared". Nope. Just "Jared".

AND, their ads are really annoying. I tried to find one on YouTube for you, but all I found were even MORE annoying parodies! Crazy, huh?

Anyway, my favorite Jared ad to hate is the one where the roommate asks the other, "How did last night go?"
And the lucky girl says, doing a crossword puzzle, "Just a minute. What's a 15 letter word for marriage proposal?"
"I don't know..."
"He went to Jared!"

That newly-engaged girl must have the stupidest roommate on the planet. Who would miss that HUGE hint of the puzzle clue?

Jared seems to be trying to build themselves as a big buzz word. It's not working on me.


Noel said...

Note to Aaron the Husband: Please consider the possibility that your wife may be dropping a hint here...she may be wanting cable TV for Valentine's Day so she can watch commercial-free CSPAN and CSPAN-2 (The Book Channel)...Which reminds me, the author of _The Invention of Air_ is on this weekend. It is a book being read in my circles.

Aaron said...

Also, "Jared" just makes me think of the subway guy, which makes me think of cold-cuts and soggy lettuce.

"He went to Jared!" "Sweet, can he pick me up a Turkey-bacon with honey-mustard?"

AJ said...

I agree with Aaron. Subway has branded that name already so stop advertising your jewelry or change your name! =)

Noel said...

This is looking good for a nice Valentine Day ... Lyz and Aaron walk to the nearby Subway for a romantic sub dinner and Aaron can pull out a Cable One channel guide with cable channel 3 (CSPAN 2 - the Book Channel) circled in red ink with some words like "For the love of my life, the lover of books." The Preferred Coupon Book has some Subway coupons, so dinner for two is quite likely under $10 including chips and a drink.

However, Lyz and Aaron may have already made Valentine plans for "The Landing" in which case my wife, who has to put up with me all the time, and I will see the two of you there and daughter T will see Ben and leah a floor or two down.

Speaking of wife and daughters, it's probably time to leave the office....

Ruth said...

my friend julie used to use the "bah da bah bah bah...I'm loving it" mcdonalds theme all the time, but she'd switch it up. like, if she was, let's say, talking about how it is cold out, she'd sing "bah da bah bah bah...i'm gloving it!"

so possibly we could do the same thing with "HE WENT TO JAREDS?!!?!??!"

For instance,
"where is your brother?" (from mom)
"where is my favorite doll?" (from leah)
"what is for dinner?" (from husband aaron)
"Where is my gun?" (from dad)

can be all answered by:

"HE WENT TO JAREDS??!????!???"

Crystal said...

I also am highly annoyed by these ads and I am glad someone called them out :)

Aaron said...

They also annoy me on another level, the same level that ads for Sonic's annoys me... why are they running a nation-wide ad campaign when I've never seen one of their stores? Yes, fine, you are the be-all-end-all of your field, but I can't buy anything from you anyways, so just leave me alone.

Lyz said...

I agree with both of Aaron's points: the sandwhich one, and the national ad one.

I have NEVER seen a Jared's, so the implied ubiquitousness of the store is completely wasted on me.

sammi said...

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