Friday, February 6, 2009

Possibly the LAST 25 Random Things...

I have been enjoying reading all of your "25 Random Things About Me" notes on Facebook. Really, I have. The fact that I have not done my own yet should not be seen as a reflection of my interest.

Today, I am feeling uncreative in the blogging area, so I will make my list, finally.

1. I do not like ham, Sam I am. I mean, I'll eat it a couple of times a year, but if you give me a ham sandwich (esp. with non-deli sliced ham) I will politely nibble at it and then find something else to eat.

2. I have fantasies about a store manager walking up to me and offering me a job because of my attention to detail - like, putting items back on hangers, or putting them back in the correct size.

3. I like to picture faces in the taillights of cars. And I recently read an article that discussed how some cars have "friendly faces" and some have "aggressive faces" and how that affects who buys them!

4. I can't pack with newspaper because I end up reading it.

5. Competitiveness strikes me at odd times. Not, say, during a race, or a game of volleyball (neither of which I've participated in for years...maybe decades...)...

6. ...but I find myself getting rather competitive in the blogosphere - feeling great when I have more "followers" than someone else, for instance.

7. I usually make my bed just before getting in. Really bugs Aaron, who's usually already there.

8. Dusting is my all-time most avoided household chore.

9. For at least 2 years while living in Rochester, we only got NBC - I watched Law & Order about 3 times a week.

10. A guy just cross-country skied past our window - with no poles. Then turned around and went back - trying the skis out?

11. After having Leah, Law & Order (SVU esp.) was too disturbing, and I've watched it only a handful of times since then.

12. Sometimes I worry that if I got a flat tire I'd be helpless.

13. It's very hard for me to throw away certain things - like paper towel tubes, smallish plastic tubs, little boxes...I hoard them for craft projects.

14. I very rarely do craft projects with my kids that involve more than markers, scissors & glue.

15. I talk in my sleep, sometimes waking myself up, and then tell Aaron that I'm talking in my sleep. Duh.

16. I hate to sweat. For any reason, really.

17. There are very few days that I don't shower.

18. Sweatpants are not to be worn in public. Unless you are pregnant with your 3rd child - it seems this is the exception to my own rule.

19. My hair has gotten curlier with each pregnancy.

20. Sometimes I feel that my education and career choice have followed the road of mediocrity.

21. But, I would love to go back to my career someday, and still find myself thinking of fun lesson plan ideas.

22. I don't like touching poultry bones, cartilage, or tendons. I pretty much only buy the frozen boneless chicken breasts, except for the occasional rotisserie from the grocery store. Aaron has to take the meat off for me, though, and he has also taken care of the Thanksgiving turkey for me. Thanks, honey!

23. Although I am getting to be a bit of a princess, I have done some very, VERY gross jobs in my life.

24. I am NOT a dog person. I can get along with them, but really don't like me licked, jumped on, or having noses put on me. Gross.

25. I love cats - even their stuck-uppity-ness is interesting to me. I don't mind if they lick me.


Noel said...

Note to self: Do not deliver ham and cheese sandwhich to Lyz while she is watching CSI during break at the sweat pants section of the clothing store..

Natalie said...

I love #22 that is totally me too!

lexiewaa said...

do you feel that way about #20 because it's easy for you or not enough of a challenge?

Lyz said...

Lexie - Maybe. Also I compare myself to friends who have gone to prestigious schools and have flashy, exciting careers.

Although I don't really think I'd change anything, either.

Natalie - Or skin, either. Forgot that one.

Noel - I actually like CSI better, since they rarely deal with kids.

Ruth said...

good list! It's 60 degrees in chicago!!!

Noel said...

Why should I reasonably expect a new post when "Sense & Sensibility" is on Prairie Public TV?

Hannah B said...

I wish we would have been closer in age growing up, i am pretty sure we would have gotten along great, i do every single thing on your list except the ham, (although deli is better) love dogs and live in my sweatpants!!!! Much love to your growing family!