Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This is what I've been doing the last two days...

I know my last post was, like, 3 weeks ago or something. But I have a good excuse. I've been busy partying.

Okay, so that may not make your Internet time any more enjoyable, but trust me, I'VE been having a good time.

Party #1: Estrogen Fest. Simply put, this is a girl party, without the pajamas and pillow fights. We eat delicious appetizers and desserts, visit, learn about a direct sale business (this year, Uppercase Living with consultant Tara) and have a gift exchange. For the details of that particular item, you'll have to attend - I don't explain in advance!

I've continued this party from my dear friend Christina in Rochester, and added a few touches myself, such at the themed aspect (this time, gumdrops...more later), favor bags including a "collectible" magnet, and a mixer-type game before the gift exchange. It's all very fun, and with this new house, I've been able to really relax and invite to my heart's content (although there are still several more gals to initiate next time...)

The gumdrop theme was decided long ago - at least 2 months anyway. I thought it would be fun and colorful, and seasonal without being obviously Christmasy. It was PERFECT! Until I searched the World Wide Web and could find absolutely NOTHING with gumdrops on it. No fabric, no scrapbook paper, no plates, no napkins. Folks, these items are the staples of my party decorating. I seriously reconsidered my choice.

And this is where my mom came in. Mom agreed that gumdrops were perfect, and all of a sudden, the woman was on a mission. I received about 5 emails sent by her from various crafting websites with ideas for wreaths and other decor. Here's what we ended up going with:

1)Gumdrop wreath on the front door: Found by Mom at an estate sale. If you look closely, some of the gumdrops are cracked. I wouldn't recommend eating them. She also found...

2) Round candles in parfait glasses on the buffet counter. All different colors, and looked really lovely on top of some shiny green fabric.

3) Gumdrop trees. These are dowels with wire run through the center, and a block of wood at the bottom to hold them upright. My Grandpa Henry made them for me (at Mom's request) and then Mom painted them herself. I had to go to 2 different Walmarts to find the buckets of large gumdrops. These suckers will be around until after Valentine's Day.

4) Gumdrop garland. Consists of construction paper circles & regular sized drops. And it's a lot harder to make than it looks. Because you know what? Gumdrops are STICKY. Each time we put our needle through one, we had to wipe it off with a wet cloth. So much fun.

We used dental floss and my circle shape punch from Creative Memories. It, also, will be here until after Feb. 14th. And I've got to figure out a way to keep it for next year, 'cause this is a one-time only craft.

5) Plates & napkins: I found some cute napkins at Walmart that had bright colored polka dots and snowflakes - close enough. Then I got solid red, yellow, pink & green plates. Done and done.

I've started taking photos of the most obnoxious gift exchanged, as well as the most fought-over gift. Here you have it:

This chicken had some competition until Joy started it singing...and dancing. The Chicken Dance, no less. And of course.

Crystal said that when she opened this purse, she knew she wasn't going to take it home. Every one of us in the photo had our hands on this bad multiple times. At one point I took it from one lady and handed it right over to another before ever sitting down. What was the point, I ask you?
Here's the whole gang - all 21 guests, and me, in that crazy printed shirt in front - without a name tag. Made everyone else wear them, though.

Did you remember that there was ANOTHER party? I had our Bible study's "Christmas Coffee" at our house this morning. Fortunately (and deliberately) all of our members were on my EsFest invite list, so they weren't surprised to see that we had the same tablecloth, napkins, plates, and even some of the food!
There's been a flurry of activity around here, folks, but things are going to calm down a bit. Our tree got decorated tonight, and you'll hear about that tomorrow. There are great posts to come! Also, I have a renewed dedication to reply to your comments, thanks to Blue Castle. So hang in there! It's going to be a glorious Christmas season!


Blue Castle said...

Oh Lyz, you are such a great hostess. :) It looks like you had so much fun. You are inspiring me. I haven't had a party in so long. The last one was a pampered chef party last year. I had 6 people over and thought that was a lot. :)
Love your gumdrops!

Lyz said...

Well, Blue, we all have our comfort levels. Your inventiveness leaves me feeling rather caveman-ish, so THERE!:)

Noel said...

And E-Fest went soooo late into the night that some husbands and most children were fast asleep by the time the E-festers got home.

Lyz said...

Noel- Tell me about it. It was 11pm before I hit my pillow, and I didn't have to drive anywhere! It's hard to break off 21 good conversations!

Joanne said...

This year's E-Fest was one of the funnest?!? ( is that even a word?)...Thanks Lyz for continuing this girly tradition..

nydampress said...

Wow, I think I got a cavity just from reading this post. Great party Liz!

Lyz said...

Joanne - glad you had fun! Don't worry - EsFests will continue for quite a while!

Nydampress - Now just imagine the cavities WE are working on! Poor Ben is tortured by all the candy around...:)

mama.nichols4 said...

Liz, it was a great time. I gave up on the purse after a while. My bad sportsmanship and lack of motivation helped with that. It was a great purse though... maybe next year we'll see it again after the winner has enjoyed it???

The gumdrops helped me stay awake on my way home and the magnet is proudly displayed next to my other magnet.

Thanks Liz!