Thursday, May 21, 2009

List: Accomplished

I had a list of small sewing projects that I wanted to accomplish before Magnus is born. None of the items were particularly hard or complicated, which is why I hadn't tackled any of them before. It's the classic procrastinator's theme: It'll only take me five (or ten, or 30) minutes, so I can do it anytime.

Friend Lexie was coming over today with her sewing machine to do her own projects while Miss Claire (18 months old or so) was occupied with all the things that go with a house other than her own, so I decided it would be the perfect day to set to work on my list.

To prepare, I pretty much cut everything out the other day, and had all the materials at hand. By the time Lexie arrived this morning, I had the pants for Ben almost already done.

Side note on these pants: Aaron asked why, with all the baby things I wanted to work on, was I making pants for BEN? Well, I bought the fabric before his birthday and meant to make them a present. And I figured that if I didn't make them NOW, by the time I got around to it, he'd have outgrown the pattern.

Next up, blankie for Magnus. Friend Tara provided me with a perfect remnant of flannel with cute monkeys, and I found a striped flannel that would coordinate. Satin binding, by the way, is NOT a piece of cake to work with. Three of the corners I was able to fashion into an angle - but the fourth ended up just squared off...oops. I'm sure Magnus won't mind at all!

From L to R - nursing covers, blankie, hat, Ben's pants.

And before heading off to my weekly OB appointment (no change, btw!), I got started on the first of two nursing covers. Finished it later that afternoon, and while Lexie ran errands and Miss Claire tried on about 20 pairs of our shoes, I worked on the knit hat - from scratch, people. It's not perfect, but we'll see how it works. It was pretty easy, so I may try more of them in the future. The lizard/bug fabric is what Crystal of Two Peas made a swaddle pod out of for me. Matching pieces! How cute!

I can't believe it, but in one day I accomplished almost everything that I set out to - excepting the baby booties I want to try, but I don't really have the fabric for them, either. Another day, maybe.

Next week is for scrapbooking - let's hope I make as much progress in that field!


Blue Castle said...

You got a lot done. I abhor satin binding. With a vengeance. Only slightly easier than mitering the corners would be just rounding them off. That's my cheating way to do it. I made a baby blanket for my niece and bound the edges with Minky fleece and that was barely easier than satin. Just slightly though. I think I just really hate binding.

Love the monkey fabric. :)

JJ and EJ said...

Good work Lizabeth! We're at the J Ranch -- you'll have to check out MVJ's newest outfit -- I think I sent a pic text to Aaron. She's wearing it specially just for Gpa C.