Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Bulletin

Okay, so I haven't talked about Magnus (that would be my almost nicely browned bun-in-the-oven) lately. Here's the update.

On Thursday I was 36 weeks pregnant (out of 40, for you non-reproducing folks out there). At our doctor's appointment, which will now be weekly, the exam revealed that the birth process has started and (stop here if you don't want personal details) I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Folks, here's a translation: at 10cm you start pushing. Here's more about effacement, but you may want to be sure you're not eating before clicking that link. Just sayin'.

My hospital bag is packed and waiting by the door. It may be a bit early, but I'm kind of freaked out that contractions will start and then go too fast for me to figure out what exactly it is that I need to take with me. Kind of like this: contraction. wait 6 minutes. contraction. wait 5 minutes. contraction. EEEK! I need to go to the hospital and Aaron's at work! Send pre-typed out text to Aaron. Call Dad to come stay with the kids. Try to continue to breathe through continuing contractions. Get to hospital. Have baby 10 minutes later. Decide on a name 2 days later.

I am trying to accomplish a variety of tasks before this scenario plays out - some sewing projects (pj pants for Ben, blanket & booties for Magnus, nursing covers for me) and then I'd like to get some more scrapbooking done. I am no where close to having accomplished my pre-baby goals. But I have made some progress. Of course, I am more excited about getting started on Magnus' baby album than continuing on my established albums. In fact, just before going to bed I was actually planning out pages in my head. Sick, I know.

The nursery is somewhat ready - we bought a closet system that needs to be put up, and Aaron is insisting that we get a new dresser, since the one we've had isn't really in one solid piece. So, although, the crib is together and some decor is on the walls, all Magnus' future clothes and supplies are still in tubs scattered all over the room. NOT so inviting. But he'll be in our room anyway for the first couple of months, and his co-sleeper is all ready for him there.

Bring on the baby!


Noel said...

I can't remember the rule from when Ben was born...Book Club allows male attendees if they are authors of the book being read. Are males also allowed if they are nursing?

Also note with your extensive list of things being done, you need to get the June book read...just a reminder.

Finally, as for the famous female bloggers pool...Which will have their baby first: Heather Armstrong of Dooce or our very own Lyz? With a 1 cm start and an inside tip from Magnus' other genetic contributor, I'll bet on Lyz.

For bonus points, I'll pick Memorial Day for the birth since it has such a Murphy's Law flavor about it. For the memorable, I kind of like water breaking or a sudden, intense birth pang at an appropriate point of a Sunday sermon. Then Magnus could take his place in the Salem Birth Hall of Fame. But I'll stick to Memorial Day.

Lyz said...

Noel, you bring up so many good points!
- Ben attended book club as an infant, so I assume Magnus will be allowed, also!
- Our June book was actually a selection in my OTHER book club last year, so I've already read it! Guess who's been suggesting it for months.
- I'm willing to bet that Heather of Dooce has several thousand more readers watching her preganancy, but I may still beat her.:)
- Dad has voted for a Memorial Day birth, too, which would be fine with me, since Aaron would be home! I'm guessing no dramatic water breakage, though - not in the genes or my personal history!

Blue Castle said...

I think it's good that you're making progress, without actually being in labor. :) You are beautiful pregnant, too.

Hope you have a speedy, comfortable (as much as possible) delivery.

nydampress said...

Wow how exciting! Of course this means I will not win the baby pool, but it also means I will get to see my nephew even sooner!

Lexie said...

You said you don't know how to pose for a pictures, i'm thinking your wrong. :-) Great Expression!

Joyful Living said...

I found that pattern for the nursing covers a while back and I've been sewing a bunch of them! How has yours turned out? You ARE beautiful preggers and I can't believe he is almost here!