Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pink & Green Swapped

My friend Sarah over at Blue Castle helped arrange a swap based on the colors...pink & green. My sister would have recognized this as the perfect color combination for me, since, as she reminded me this weekend, I subjected her to being surrounded by that particular color combination for most of her childhood. We shared a room, and what can I say? I was five years older and got dibs on the decorating. Our twin quilts were dark green and pink, and the walls were covered with cat/kitten posters. I told her it could have been worse....they could have been UNNATURAL cat posters, like Angela's on The Office or something.

Anyway. Some of you may be wondering what exactly a swap is. Swaps are kind of like a Secret Santa at your office combined with a pen pal - you fill out a little survey about your fav snacks and whatnot, then someone pairs you with another person. Instead of exchanging gifts over the course of a week or so, in an online swap you send a box of those little presents. Usually the swap has a spending limit, and this particular one leaned on the side of including some handmade goods, since Sarah's blog is full of those kind of ideas.

My swap parter was Emily, of Made By Haigh. She is from Arizona, so it's been kind of fun to read about things from an entirely different climate zone - like hummingbirds in her garden, for instance (on the towel). Or home grown lettuce in April. JEALOUS.

Here's what she sent me:

Hershey Hugs, a hummingbird kitchen towel, Arizona playing cards (whist, anyone?:), bath salts, a journal for moms to write to their kids, and two handmade zippered pouches.

First of all, I love white chocolate. SCORE on the Hugs. The bath salts may encourage me try out our tub for the first time - I'm not really a bath person, but I think it would be great for my sore back right now. The book is also excellent, because instead of just being a journal, as I expected, it has a prompt on each page - how awesome is that for me, because I truly cannot journal unless given a topic - blogging not excepted. Some of those prompts may turn into blog posts!

And last, but most certainly not least - I don't think Emily knew this at all, but I completely LOVE zippered pouches, and am rather picky about them. These two are great sizes and will be so handy in my diaper bag, since I'm going to try to go without an additional purse for the first time EVAH. Thank you, thank you, Emily. I love it all.

Now hopefully Emily will post a photo of what I sent her, since I forgot to take a photo of it myself. Duh.


Noel said...

Oddly enough, I'm getting into zippered pouches lately, too. My latest is for personal travel assistant and cell phone accessories.

JJ and EJ said...

Ooh! I'm up for a game of whist! ; )

Blue Castle said...

I'm so glad you were able to join the swap, Lyz! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hope you get to have a nice, long soak soon. :)
I'm going to do a Blue&Yellow swap, but we'll wait a few months so you can join us.