Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank you, McDonald's

Leah got a Kidz Bop CD in a Happy Meal a week or so ago, and it's all the rage at our house. If I could figure out how to upload video (something is off with the formatting of my particular videos, don't try to give me instructions unless you are here in person to experience my frustration) you'd see Leah doing her best aerobics instructor impression while dancing to "Complicated" - and watching her reflection in the fireplace's glass doors. THAT is a must, of course.

While she's pumping her arms, Ben is waving pom-poms like a mad man. And jumping on the couch.

After listening to the CD twice, Leah let Ben choose the next music, and then they had a brief argument about whether or not Veggie Tales is rock n' roll, with Ben voting yes, and Leah insisting no.

Folks, this is the first time I've heard the words "rock and roll" cross Ben's lips, much less Leah's. We have some incredibly talented marketing and a big yellow "M" to thank for that.


Noel said...

So have you started listening to the VBS songs in the minivan? That was typically a CD that went round and round more than the wheels on the bus for us.

As for Veggie Tales, I think the songs are more Gilbert and Sullivan show tunes, so will side with Leah on this one. I do think Thomas is a really useful engine...

Aaron said...

UGH, kidz bop. I'll have to put together a mix CD for them STAT. And Ben is right, veggie tales is pretty rockin'.

AJ said...

Actually (to quote Leah) that CD was from a friends cousin who got it from Mcdonalds. Maybe I will try to help Liz with that video thought it would be embarassing for Leah I think.

Lyz said...

Leah has expressed interest in Feist- does that give you hope, Aaron? I'm sure they'd love a mixed CD, though!

Video = super embarrassing for the daughter. But such good entertainment for the rest of us!