Monday, May 25, 2009

Observe & Report: Facial Hair

Aaron has been growing a beard for the last several months, with the ultimate goal of joining my bearded dad and brothers at the family get-together Fargo Marathon. The beard looked good on him, really, it did!He had kind of been waiting until that event to shave it off. But, it's day has come and gone, along with the marathon. I kept waiting for it to disappear, but it didn't.
Until Sunday on the way home from church when I looked at him and realized, "You shaved off your beard!" And he was sincerely surprised that I hadn't noticed until then. And then I realized that I had actually been in the bathroom when he'd done it (albeit in the shower during most of the big work) and STILL hadn't noticed!
My only excuse was that his usual mustasche/goatee combo is so familiar to me that the beard was always the exception. Seriously, this beard has been the only different facial hair pattern since he completely shaved it off while we were dating - and that only lasted a couple of days. I pretty much didn't recognize him the first time I saw him completely baby-faced.
He was a little disappointed after shaving, however. He said that he hoped he'd look younger with the regular shaving pattern, but he said he just looked...different. Not younger OR older - so that's good, right?
Me, I'm just glad to have a smooth cheek to smooch again.


Aaron said...

If/when I shave mine off, I'm thinking of trying a goatee for at least a day, and then I'll run around and act like the bizarro version of Aaron.

Noel said...

OH NO!!!! He self mutiliated!

My beard turns 25 in August. The "Does it make me look older or younger?" question takes on a new twist as the amount of grey increases.

Joyful Living said...

TJ was so jealous of his beard.

AJ said...

Bizarro Aaron wheel sliding here we come!

Anonymous said...

After 5.5 months, my beard is reaching the desired maturity. This is the first beard where I've had a plan of sorts and I like the look. I have learned that a beard is like a bush in your yard; if you don't encourage a desired shape, it doesn't look as good. My wife likes it (I had a beard when we were married)so I won't shave it unless it is incompatable with the motorcycle helmet.