Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Universe, sometimes it does mess with me.

This afternoon I had two simple goals: go to Target and get my hair cut. Aaron was home with the kids, and my hair appointment had been made weeks ago, so everything should go fine.


At the Target check out, I realized as the checker told me my almost-$100 total that I did not seem to have my wallet in my purse. My checkbook was there, and I tried to pay that way, but the computer asked for ID, of which I had none. I said I'd come back later to pick everything up (which, despite the price tag, consisted of a case of diapers and two bags...grr.) and headed home to check for my wallet before going to my hair appointment.

At home, there was no sign of my Very Important Item, but Aaron did not seem the least bit distressed by this. I was verging on hysterical, and asking if we should be checking our credit card statements, because the last time I remembered having it was Thursday. Which Aaron was amazed by, and wondered HOW ON EARTH I'd managed to not buy anything for ALMOST A WEEK?

Just as I was heading out the door with Aaron's credit card, I spotted the VII - just a corner of it poking out of the library bag, where I'd stuck it on Monday, thinking maybe I'd have to pay some fines. Duh. Broke the routine, and there you go. Stuck at a big box store looking like a moron.

Off I go to the salon. Except, I don't see my stylist's name on the door as usual, and since I haven't been in to see her in almost a year, I'm a little concerned. Inside, they give me the name of the building that she's in now, but no salon name. Fortunately, I'm a bit ahead of schedule, so I cruise on to downtown to try to locate Miss Tammy. Inside the designated building, I check 7 floors looking for the only salon that I know to be there - and find it totally locked, with no one answering the phone.

At this point I've already called Tammy's phone several times, and I'm about ready to cry, thinking that I'm not going to be able to get my hair cut before the baby comes. Wahhh!

After a few more calls, and about 20 minutes later, Tammy called me back apologizing for forgetting to tell me she'd moved. Which, really, I completely understand, since at least 2 ladies have gone to our old house after I forgot to mention our move. Oopsies.

Turns out Tammy has gone independent! She has her own little salon, just her, and is loving the freedom. I ended up being late getting home, with the delayed start on my hair and stopping back at Target for my stuff, but the afternoon ended up with goals accomplished, and we even got to the grocery store after dinner.

So go ahead, Universe. Dish it out - I can take it.

(wait - did I just SAY that? At 36 weeks pregnant? Omygoodness I'm insane.)

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Noel said...

Aaron may have viewed the misplaced credit card as small potatoes compared to the upcoming stage of delivery where the mom-in-labor threatens to kill and eat the father...which if successfully carried out, would make the credit card irrelevant from his perspective.