Saturday, May 2, 2009

My childhood arch enemy

For a couple of years in elementary school, I had a beautiful, popular relative in the same class. Lucky me! Um, not so much. Here's the list of reasons for my continued grudge:

1. One day in class, for some reason all of us girls were given these lovely flower stickers - remember sticker albums? Yeah, I had one! Anyway, they were pretty big, and really pretty. Miss Relative came over to me and asked to trade, and I did, just because I was so thrilled to be recognized by her, and because I thought that she was involving me. Well, as soon as we traded, she turned and yelled to one of the other beautiful, popular girls "Hey Jessica! WE HAVE THE SAME STICKER!" Nice.

2. I was at her house swimming one day, when she was having a sleepover in the near future. At one point, she took the opportunity to casually mention that she hadn't been planning on inviting me, but that her mom said that she should. What's really remarkable about this is that I remember just nodding, and not being surprised or upset or anything!

3. One day at recess, I saw all the girls getting into a circle, with Miss Relative motioning them all to move closer. As I went up to them, I heard her say, "I have a secret to tell you!". And then when she saw me, she said, "No, not you Lyz". THAT one hurt.

I really should be over this. And I am. Hold a grudge? Who, ME?


Ruth said...

i think dave and aaron would agree---Mebergs are the KINGS of grudges.

But also, we are good at saying, you? Not worth worrying about (like just nodding like, yeah, i expected you to treat me poorly. not surprised). not to brag or anything, but i've broken up with friends before. and it works. they suck, and i rule, and that's the name of the game, right?

where did this comment go so wrong?

Aaron said...

Actually, Ruthers, I don't think I hold too much of a grudge anymore. If anything I feel terrible about horrible things I did when I was a kid.

Ruth said...


you are way to nice and good to hold a grudge like a REAL MEBERG.

time for a dna test.