Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Morbid Streak Comes Out

This afternoon I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a couple minutes of peace and quiet reading a magazine while the kids were playing in the other room. My ears perked up, however, when I heard Leah and Ben talking about going outside.

Leah - "I'm going to put on Mommy's crocs."
Me - "What?! Why are you doing that?"
Leah - "'Cause we're going outside!" (Nevermind that that's not really why I was asking, but whatever...)
Me - "Why are you going outside?"
Leah - "To do something..."
Me - "To do what?" Every mom gets suspicious at this particular brand of vagueness.
Leah - "To kill an ant!!"

I gave up and just started laughing. She sounded so intent on her purpose, and downright bloodthirsty at the same time...

Also, on Ben's speaking advances, he has now said Leah's name a few times. In fact, today he told friend Miss Claire, " hister (sister), Eah."

Fruit snacks = hoot hacks

(I just asked Aaron what else Ben says goofy, and he said, "What does he say NORMAL?" Point taken.)

America's Funniest Videos = unintelligible gibberish ending in "oes"....
car spoon = car poon
socks= hocks

I'll have to think of more for another day. But you get an idea of the kind of interpretation that we must do on a daily basis. No "f" 's and no "s" 's at the beginning of words...substituted usually with an "H". Lovely.


Noel said...

At least Ben provides phoneme clues to the words...if he were an engineer, it would all be giberish to you...

Better get back to my pensive ruminations...

Crystal said...

We too, eat a lot of hoot hacks at our house :)

Kim said...

one little friend called my son Doodry (Gregory)

Aaron said...

Luckily, Leah is there to provide translations. Especially when he drops non-sequitors like "apple-peach grandpa".

AJ said...

"Apple, peach, grandpa" that is the punchline to every Knock Knock joke for Ben now. I didn't realize Ben could work his way through Knock Knock jokes. Uncle Aaron teaches well.