Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just chalkful of grins and giggles...NOT.

1. Crabby, crabby mommy. I don't know if I can completely blame sleep deprivation, but it sure ain't helping things. I feel out of control of my emotions and realize that yelling at my kids is not a recommended parenting strategy - yet find it impossible to remain rational. (Please don't worry about postpartum depression. I don't feel hopeless, just frustrated. I'm not thinking about harming myself or the baby. Thanks for your concern.:)

2. I am very worried that I have permanently lost the calendar page on which I was recording Adam's first month. I swear I left it right here, and it has vanished, and nobody has seen it. Of course. I started a new one while I still remember a few things, just in case I don't find the original until Adam is 6 months old.

3. Did I mention that my kids were driving me crazy today? Oh yes, they were. Just by being kids. I mean, come on. They are five and three. Get a GRIP already, Liz.

4. And, just to cap off the wonderfulness of today, Aaron called and explained the joy of HIS day, three calls from Wells Fargo about people trying to rob our checking account. With a PHOTOCOPIED CHECK, folks. So clearly they are desperate, drug-seeking ninnies, but intelligent enough to somehow get ahold of our bank account number. Thankfully they didn't get any cash, but we still have to open a new account and shut down the old one, which means also redoing all our online bill pay. AND we have no way of getting cash.

5. Which really stinks for me, since today of all days I found a futon on Craigslist that I was ready to buy. Aaron is pessimistic about that whole idea, and for some reason is convinced that everybody pees on their futons. And then sells them to unsuspecting fools on Craigslist. (PLEASE don't write about your experiences with peed-on futons or beds in the comments. I'm trying to WIN this argument.)

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow!


Noel said...

You can always count on me to be an exception.

I bought a futon when I moved to Fargo and we had it for a good number of years. It did get stained on at least one occasion, but not with pee. There was also an accident that resulted in us taking our 1 year old to the emergency room on a Sunday night, but it did not involve pee.

My girlfriend (and now wife of nearly 20 years) and I did notice something which we called the "futon effect" which was linked to Einstein's theory of relativity ("the twin paradox): time spent on the futon together passed more quickly than for people elsewhere on the planet.

Melissa said...

Just wanted to leave you a comment - I hate when I get no comments on my blog, too. What's the point of putting yourself out there if you're not going to get some feedback, right?

All I can say is I completely relate to what you're going through. When you're sleep deprived, hormonal, and stressed (and a baby, no matter how much you love them or how happy you are about them, is stressful), it's hard to remember our 'good parenting skills' sometimes. I know my patience has been in short supply with the completely ordinary amount of annoying my kids (and, if I'm being really honest here, my husband) are putting forth. I'm trying to be more gentle with them AND more gentle with myself. They aren't always perfect, and I won't be either. The difference between a good mom and a bad mom is that a good mom keeps trying, right? (I hope there's ultimately some truth to that, anyway!)

Best wishes.

AJ said...

Can we say urine instead? I don't know if Lyz has blogged about my Motel bedspread worry too, but if not I will leave it for her another time. Pretty much the same vein of conversation.

JJ and EJ said...

Ugh, JJ worries x10 about hotel bedspreads too. I basically have to bring my own blankets because he throws everything off.

hannah said...

Craigslist... ah my house would be bare with out it. As far as furniture goes our living room couch is from craiglist, two years old and i dont think it had ever been sat on, and $200. SO there you have that in your corner. But here is my tried and true method.. drive by the house, check out their yard and their car, do they take care of them? if they dont they probably dont take care of their furniture either.

hannah said...

lol I do have the same motel bedspread phbia, it can not touch my face, it gets taken off the bed before I even think of cralling into bed... why you ask? they do not wash them when they wash the sheets. and yes people do the nasty on them :)