Friday, July 31, 2009

More of That Kid.

I had a couple more things that I meant to share with you yesterday about Leah, but my brain was fried and I gave up trying to remember what they were.

But today it came to me!

Anyway, this isn't as funny as yesterday's math/science, but I thought it offered a good insight into the 5 year old's mind. Leah came downstairs yesterday and explained that she'd had a small "accident". After clarifying that she had, in fact, put on clean undies (the night before she hadn't worn ANY to bed - because we hadn't TOLD her to, silly us) Aaron said, "You waited too long, huh?" and she responded, rather snottily (we're trying to work on that) - "No, I didn't wait too long - I just didn't get there in time!"

Also, at yesterday's interview, after she demonstrated her knowledge of Sid the Science Kid, I told the Very Nice Lady that everything Leah knows she has learned from PBS. We laughed, and Leah retorted, "Not EVERYTHING!"

At that point we changed topics. What the Very Nice Lady didn't know is that if I had let Leah continue, she would have added, "I learn some stuff from Grandma!" I have actually heard her say this, and while it is very true and gives Grandma Claudia due credit, she seems to leave a certain someone out of the education loop : ME! Or her father, for that matter. Apparently we have taught her absolutely nothing. Except for how to turn on the television, that is.

At least she mastered that one. There is SOME hope for her.

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AJ said...

One bad side affect of us being smart alec's is that our kids are as well.