Thursday, July 30, 2009

That other kid of ours.

So you've heard about Ben's bruises and Adam's sleep schedule (which last night was back to including every-two-hour feedings - grr!) and I know it's all been very thrilling, but you haven't MET thrilling until you get the update on our other child, big sister Leah.

Today we had our "family interview" for the school that Leah will be attending this fall. Yes, that all sounds very formal, doesn't it? Trust me, any meeting that is open to the 3 year old and baby to attend is NOT that formal. Plus, although the interview is required for admittance, they gave us our "congrats, you're in!" letter shortly after we sat down. Sweet!

Anyway, the Very Nice Lady running the interview was telling Leah about all the fun things she'll get to do in kindergarten. One of them is using a paperclip! to measure a pencil!

I turned to Leah and said, "Remember? Sid the Science Kid did that!" Leah looked very confused for a minute, then said, "Oh yeaah! Non-standard measurement!" The Very Nice Lady was stunned briefly, then offered the suggestion that Leah could teach the class. Umm hmmm.


Suzi said...

Too funny.

Noel said...


JJ and EJ said...

I can totally hear her saying that! I love Leah! Hoo boy... that teacher better prepare herself, she's got a smarty on her hands! : )

Anonymous said...

I remember our younger son's interview that included the question of how far can you count. "99". "OK, count for me." 1 through 99 are dutifully recited by the lad. "What comes after 99?" Son replies without a pause, "100." Teacher then askes what shape(a piece of 2" diameter wood, 3" long) she has in her hand. "A cylinder" is the reply. Yes, PBS is handy.

Lyz said...

Yes, Noel, it's PCS.

TOM - That story is a classic. However, I take full credit for the "cylinder" response. Those 2 weeks of "summer school" I tortured Ruth and Aaron paid off!