Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Okay, so maybe I AM superstitious.

Last night Adam slept from 9:30pm until 4:15am. WITHOUT WAKING UP TO EAT. This is huge. By sleeping for this 6+ hour period, he eliminated TWO of his regular feedings. Of course, I did wake up several times when he made noises, but then he was quiet and still again! Miracles. That's what it is, folks. A plain, everyday MIRACLE.

This morning I was convinced that I needed to replicate my choices of last night to ensure a repeat - kind of like a pitcher trying to go for another no-hitter game.

Let's see - this means that once again, I should:
- put Adam in a sleeper instead of a gown
- no onesie inside the sleeper
- but yes to socks inside the sleeper!
- give him to Aaron to bounce & sway for half an hour
- put Adam in the swing to lounge for half an hour
- bounce & sway (and pat on the back - have I mentioned yet that the boy likes motion?) him myself for half an hour
- watch Brooke Knows Best on VH1
- finally lay Adam down after a final nursing
- eat almost an entire bag of popcorn myself while playing on the computer
- watch Paris Hilton try desperately to find a best friend (ignoring my complete disgust with her)

But none of these things happened. Well, except for the clothing decisions. Tonight it was simpler:
- go to church for the Wednesday evening meal
- eat two (small!) slices of pie
- watch Adam fall asleep while we are waiting for Ben to finish his slice of pie
- put Adam in his sleeper/no onesie/and socks
- change diaper
- final nursing
- lay him down for the night

Let's hope that this MUCH more ideal routine (especially the pie part!) still has the same results, namely a much better night sleep for moi. Everyone on the count of three, cross your fingers!


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Beth said...

I totally remember this feeling, so funny. I also found it comical that nurses tell you you're supposed to WAKE THE BABY UP if they sleep thru a feeding. Ummmm, I think not.