Monday, July 6, 2009

Thoughts on this whole baby business

* Aaron and I have opposing (and slightly exaggerated) views on caring for newborns. Aaron tends to see them as programmable robots - do the right thing at the right time and BINGO! You'll get the desired result! I see those sweet little lumps of humanity more as a giant wild card. You COULD do the right thing at the right time and STILL not get the desired result. Or you could! You just never know!

* After many nights of gently tormenting his parents with every-2-hour feedings (and the screeching during diaper changes), Adam decided to pull out the big guns the other night. We stayed at my grandma's for the 4th, and that night Adam not only nursed at LEAST every 2 hours, but also refused to sleep in between. He spent the time grunting and whining and twisting and moaning and yelling his head off at every diaper change. And sleeping in our bed. Oh yes. How a baby with only a foot of clear vision knows the difference between his crib and his parent's bed I DON'T KNOW.

* Last night, however, he stretched out his meals to every 3 hours. Which felt miraculous.

* I have this new theory that Adam has a master plot to take over the universe, and of course the first step to accomplishing this is to eliminate his parents. A friend pointed out that he may have gotten the idea from Stewie on The Family Guy. (I want to go on the record saying that although I have occasionally laughed at that show, in no way do I endorse it. Thank you.)

* Tomorrow is Adam's one month photo session. I'm sure he's hoping for a good head shot to include on the press release stating his overthrow of Obama. Helping his cause is the angelic look on his face after naps or meals. We're all at his mercy, people.


JJ and EJ said...

Oh no! I guess Adam has already taken over his auntie because she sure thinks he's the cutest thing ever! (besides MVJ of course)!

AJ said...

Probably an exaggeration about "programmable robots". I am not naive enough to think that kids are programmable, but their are some techniques of parenting that increase the likelihood of decreased stress and improved sleep. Thhhbbbtt!