Friday, July 10, 2009

You asked for it.

Well, maybe not ALL of you, but at least my brother, and maybe a couple others out there asked for (okay, demanded) more photos. So here we go!

Leah and Ben have not been allowed many opportunities for holding Adam so far. But don't they look like they're doing a good job? And who's crazy ugly chair is that, you may be wondering? Not ours, that's for sure. We were at a family wedding. Aaron's folks own a small hotel in the town, and there is a 2 bedroom "furnished" apartment in the lower level of the hotel. Thankfully, Bobbie & Clarence (Aaron's mom and dad) were willing to take a hotel room and let us use the apartment, so that Adam's crazy sleeping patterns didn't wake up the other two kids. It worked out super well, and we are so appreciative of their flexibility, and also Korina's taking up our cause! Anyway, this chair belongs to the apartment. BONUS - the apartment is now air-conditioned. It wasn't when we stayed there with Ben as a baby...during the hottest week of the summer, with temps around 100 degrees.

We seem to have made a tradition of stopping to visit Salem Sue. Leah loves her, and the Jamestown buffalo, too. Aaron gets the credit for this awesome photo!
I know that newborns have limited vision, but somehow I still think that Ben's habit of "looking at the baby" like this is going to send Adam into therapy at some point. I hope Ben is saving his pennies now (haha, he thinks they are toys).

I hardly ever dress my kids in holiday specific outfits, but for some reason I get them outfits for the 4th of July about a year ahead of time. Notice that Ben's shirt is actually a mini-golf shirt, but as long as it's red, white and blue it works for me! Adam's little T was in the dollar aisle at Target when I was still preggo - too bad it's not a onesie. T shirts are not made for babies with chubby bellies!
We spent the 4th in Park River with my grandma Gigi and more of my dad's family. The town's parade is quite impressive, and our perfect timing + relatives saving us a viewing spot meant that that we arrived minutes before the parade started and Leah and Ben had a front row spot to pick up candy. Thanks, rellies! That candy got sorted and re-sorted many times, and I was impressed with Leah's generosity. No, really. She gave Aaron and I each our own little pile, which even included some good stuff, and also gave a considerable portion of her treasure to Ben, who already had his own! It was nice to see. Of course, now it is all in the same bucket anyway, to be doled out at my discretion. Or eaten by Aaron and me. Whatever.

Leah had her photo take each month on her "birthday" with an elephant to show her *ahem* slow growth. Ben had a giraffe. And now Adam has a zebra. They all continue the jungle theme of the nursery, and at a year it is fun to see them all in order! Adam seems intent on setting a family growth record, and I'm afraid he's going to miss out on a lot of Ben's cute baby outfits. People keep asking if I'm Making Enough Milk for his every-2-hour-feedings, and I think I must be, since he doesn't seem to be wasting away. In fact, he seems to be getting more squishy every day. It's kind of sad...he's only 5 weeks old, and already I can't remember how little he was when he came home.

They say that time goes by quickly, but I didn't know it would be THIS quick! Remember back 4 weeks ago when I could hold him in one arm? Remember when he was wearing 0-3 month onesies? (Granted, those are Gerber, which run small - but still. Wearing the 3-6 month size at 5 weeks? And almost growing out of them? GET REAL!)

Aaron is shooing me to bed now (trying to preserve my mental & emotional health). Next week I'll let you know what other major milestones Adam has accomplished 3 months ahead of schedule. Stay tuned.


Noel said...

So how are you preserving the blog pics and text? While Google is financially stable today, I've been wondering how best to preserve content for posterity.

Have you reconciled scrapbooking, FB, and Blogger for family history?

(questions triggered by the great content of the post)

Aaron said...

teh babbie is a monster!

Melissa said...

If Adam is taking suggestions on tasks to accomplish early, mine would be potty training. ;)

We print our blog yearly and have it bound. I've used lulu in the past, but am still hoping for some enterprising website to make it easier for me.