Monday, January 18, 2010

At least the fumes have dispersed.

Do you ever feel like your mood is determined by the state of your home? When it is tidy and everything is put where it belongs, I feel calm and in control.

And today? Well, let's just say that there's grit under my slippers, planks of wall trim in the kitchen, the shop-vac is once again in residence, and the dryer, freezer AND washer are not in their proper places.

That's right, there's another remodeling job in progress. ALL I WANTED WAS A FREEZER.

But that lead to taking out cabinets. Which led to tiling some floor.

And then replacing the baseboards. And painting the walls. And ceiling. And doors & trim. And buying new light fixtures.

It's not all done yet, but I took the kids to a friend's house this morning, and Aaron made huge progress while we were gone. I tell you, that guy's amazing. If I had been in charge of this project by myself, I probably would have put a piece of plywood in the space where the tiles were missing and called it good.

But no. He has to go and do things the RIGHT way. At least he doesn't waste any time - right now, the walls, ceiling & baseboards are painted, and he's cutting the baseboard into the appropriate lengths.

My job is to try to keep the floor somewhat clean, dust off the sanded doors & trim, and figure out exactly how I want my newly enlarged entry to be configured. Hooks for adult coats? Drawers for hats & mittens? What exactly is needed?

Do you have a favorite organization system? Ever have a home project morph out of your control? What external factor most determines your mood?


Noel said...

Aaron rocks.

I like shelves with bankers boxes: on wooden shelves in the basement with my college texts and notes and on wall mounted,adjustable wire mesh shelves in the garage with a variety of treasures. The adjustable height is nice and they come in white for your application eg ClosetMaid.

Joyful Living said...

*muah* love you and loved our time together today! You're hubs is awesome!

Lexie said...

well, i would have to say that I to can get a little but irritated when the Mr. has to do the project the 'right way' and then it takes longer then usual. And, I would agree with Noel, adjustable shelving I like, along with baskets for each person then it's their own to use and no searching for missing items if they just follow up with proper use. And hooks and lots of them so one does not have to search for their jacket when it's covered by others. I also grew-up with a set of wire baskets on wheels for winter items, then it was easy to store away for summer.
I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Lyz said...

Hmm...adjustable shelving. Not sure if I have room for too many, but I think a couple could be squeaked in...:)

More hooks. Noted.:)

Ruth said...

i was just at your OTHER favorite store yesterday, IKEA, and am re-organizing my small walk in closet to be a closet, to hold ALL my clothes. It is a chore. I'm still trying to complete the purge that was deserved after this year's many holiday gifts.

I love hooks! More hooks! I can never have enough hooks. I guess I also like things that can be labeled and stored away, and then when you realize you haven't touched it in a year, you donate/sell it!

Lyz said...

Oh, Ruth, THAT's my favorite bi-annual event store!

I'm currently debating whether I should get some cute boxes for visible stuff on shelf, or if I should just stick with the more easily cleaned clear sweater boxes.

Hmm. 1st world dilemmas.:)

Noel said...

We could use more coat hooks in our back hall closet...