Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It'll make me a better mom. I promise.

I have all sorts of reasons why we need an upright freezer. In fact, I've already blogged about it here, and since then a whole new set of reasons have cropped up, one of which seemed to tip the argument in my favor: Adam.

It's awfully hard to make & freeze your own baby food in an almost entirely full chest freezer. And since the other two kids ate almost no Gerber, I'd sure hate to start now with #3. This was the clincher for Aaron, and since Adam is just about 7 months, we figured the time was getting pretty close. For any other baby, the time would be past, but THIS baby still hasn't gotten used to baby cereal, so the other food are still a ways off (and yes, we DID try a few - applesauce & peaches- with no further success).

Anyway, my other reasons for wanting an upright freezer - and I was shooting for the largest possible size- were numerous. And I may not live them all down.

1. I have a really hard time finding anything smallish in our current freezer - like a regular size block of cheese, or a half-bag of hamburger. Chopped onion doesn't even stand a chance.

2. Buying in bulk is not really an option. We get some stuff from Sam's, but not as much as I'd like. And when things are on sale (like green beans this week at CashWise) I can't stock up.

3. Popsicle molds are taking up space in my cupboards, but I can't make my own popsicles in a chest freezer. At least, not one this full.

4. Ditto homemade granitas.

5. Eventually we will have 3 teenagers. At that point (or maybe sooner), I think buying a quarter or half of beef would be a good idea. For that reason, we are also storing the chest freezer in the basement and not selling it.

6. I have occasionally contemplated making meals in advance, but you guessed it...no space.

Aaron didn't think we needed the enormous version, but I thought the small version wouldn't be that much of a size increase. So we compromised and got the medium/large model. I can't wait to organize the sucker and fill it with goodies. Or casseroles. Either way.

What appliance addition has most changed your life? Which one are you SURE would make your life sooo much better?


Melissa said...

we have a pretty large chest freezer and I love it. I I make baby food, stock up at the commissary, make cassroles in advance, make Popsicles, make my own stocks and beans (from dry) and cream of mushroom soup....my goal is to use my freezer to be can-free by 2011. I'm just so tired of all the fat and sodium and bpa. Plus, I kind of hope the energy it uses is a lesser environmental impact than the packaged goods

I have to be good to the environment because I won't give up my beloved frontloading washer and dryer. H, how I love them! I'd write their names all over my notebooks, if I had a notebook. Also love my dyson. We'd be covered in dog hair without it.

(sigh) the love between a woman and her appliances. It's real, and ts deep.

Noel said...

To answer the appliance question, I like microwaves after having cooked over a blue flame growing up and about 7 of my college years. Gotta also love our 20 year old wet/dry shop vac due to the memories of its use in times of crisis.

It seems there could be a book about people and their freezers...kind of like the people and pet books: what is in them, how the contents change over time.

We have an upright freezer and freezing compartments in our two refrigerators. One of the freezing compartments is mine for food only I eat including frozen soy patties, frozen pizzas, and bulk items (eg whole wheat maccaroni and soy) I make for lunch at the office. My wife has snuck in a bunch of coffee and I think there is a bag of prehistoric turkey parts. There is a box on top of this fridge with a sign my daughter made saying "Dad's Stash" where I put ingredients for my office food until I make a batch and other items which I protect from others by storing in high places.

The second freezer compartment has ice, ice cream, and occasional items which I don't track.

The upright freezer I only consult for cheese. My wife manages it for "stock up on sale" items and it is where we are currently contemplating a quarter beef from South Dakota.

I concur about getting tired of fat and sodium and plastic in general, not just bpa, in prepared foods. I've been looking for glassware suitable for keeping at the office to reheat food and I'm not finding any (not that Best Buy carries much cookware ;-).

Lexie said...

maybe I should get a large freezer, i keep protesting since we are only 3. I grew up with an upright and that's what I want but Mr. W doesn't think they are efficient and I don't want a chest freezer because I swear you do 'loose' food in them and not know it. i grew up with one since we did grow the cow or pig for meat and like them for the fact you can find your food and organize them better. And I want to be more like Melissa, can free and make stuff ahead of time... in my dreams maybe.

Lyz said...

Mel, you continue to impress me. I was actually surprised that you can MAKE cream of mushroom soup.:)

I have a front loading washer & dryer, too, and love em.

Noel, I think microwaves are highly underrated in the kitchen. They are NOT just for leftovers!;)

Also, I have a couple set of nesting Pyrex bowls (yes, with plastic lids) that are great for storing smaller bits of meals.

Lexie - I know that chest freezers are more energy efficient, but I argue that losing food is expensive, too! Anyway, both are useful - I know many people that have one of each.

Aaron tried to say that we would end up with more freezer space than his parents had with 9 kids, but that's flat out not true. His mom NOW has a freezer/fridge in her kitchen, a chest freezer in the laundry area, and a HUGE chest freezer in the basement. All full, of course.