Monday, January 11, 2010

Found: All your old socks.

So we bought this new freezer, and I thought all my dreams were about to come true.

But first things first, right? First the cabinets had to be removed. These are cabinets that I have never used, because I didn't want to become attached to them.

One feature of this cabinet set is a really deep, really heavy, hamper pull-out thingy. Aaron's mom has one in their bathroom, where it works very well for dirty towels. Trying to think of a way to recycle the set, I thought it may be good for sports balls, but it would be way too easy for fingers to get smashed. Ouch. This hamper was the first part to tackle, after the easy task of removing doors.

And after pulling it out, we got a nice surprise...

A lovely pile of dirty laundry. Remember how I've never used these cabinets? So this is the previous owner's stuff, which, really, is bad enough since we've lived here for a year and a half. But that red thing in the upper right? That is a pair of kid socks. And the former owners had adult children. I'm really hoping they were from the grandkids.

Although you can just see the edge of a VERY 70's print towel... Anyway. I picked it all up with a bag over my hand and threw it out.

Now, if you are following me on Twitter (hint, hint - mdjane!) you may have seen my dig at Aaron for putting in a new surround sound system instead of installing the freezer. Well, I was a bit unfair. There's more to the freezer situation than just moving it into place, or trust me, I'd have done it myself.

The tile floor of the kitchen/laundry room is not original to the house. It was put in about 12 years ago, and when they did it, they put it UP TO the cabinets we removed, not under. Which means that there is a 3ft x 1.5ft area that needs to be tiled and made level with the rest of the floor. We do have enough extra tiles, and thanks to my parents we have almost all the tools needed for the job. What was holding Aaron up was the grout - we don't have a tool for removing it (to take out the pieces that were cut to fit the cabinet). But now we do! Thanks to one of his co-workers who so generously lent us his brand-new Christmas gift.

Work has begun. Stay tuned.


Lexie said...

yea, can't wait to see it done!

mama.nichols4 said...

What are you doing with the former cabinets? Hint, hint.. 8-)

Lyz said...

So far the cabinets are sitting in our "outside" room - we were thinking of taking them to ReStore in Moorhead...

Noel said...

You've hinted that the project has tell!