Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vitamin A (and x-ray vision) is next.

Today I've had a series of odd experiences:

* flipped my cooked egg on the floor, trying to get it out of it's little microwave cooker & onto an English muffin

* smacked my head on the washer retrieving the wet clothes

* zipped Ben's chin up in his coat

* tried to toss Leah her apple slices while she was sitting in her booster in the back of the van - overshot, and they ended up in the "trunk"

To what do I attribute all these events?

That amazing Vitamin D supplement I started taking today. Man, those scientists better watch out - if all of us actually got all of D that we are supposed to, there may be some super-moms (and dads) out there!


mama.nichols4 said...

At least you didn't drown Adam too! hehe

Lexie said...

ha ha, wish my vitamins would do that for me...

Lyz said...

I'm telling you, D is the key. It may be my new mantra. Children beware!