Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's like Christmas every week!

Since we JUST got rid of our advent calendar today (it still had about 8 rings left...oopsie), it seems appropriate that our next big day to count down to is...(drumroll....) GARBAGE DAY!

It's been this way since the week after Christmas. That week, because of New Years, our pick-up was moved forward one day. Which I totally forgot, of course, until I opened our front blinds and saw the neighbor's trashcan on the curb. At 10am. And of course that is about when the truck comes by.

So I scurried around in my bathrobe (YES, bathrobe at 10am - it was a huge deal for me!) getting a few bags of trash together, and just as I was opening the garage door...the truck zoomed by. So I was appropriately grumpy and went back inside.

And then at 1pm the garbage actually DID get picked up. The previous truck had been for recycling. So I missed it twice in one day.


The next week, our first priority to get in the garbage can was the contents of the diaper pail. Everything else was second priority. Three bags were left over.

Then this week we started a small-ish remodeling project and I hosted a party. And had two sets of overnight guests, both of whom changed their share of dirty diapers.

That brings us to Monday, which had us celebrating that garbage day was only 3 days away. Because the can is already full, and thanks to the new garbage system, we get charged for any extra garbage on the ground.

Our plan? Ask the neighbors if we can stash some trash with theirs- cause they don't even fill up their smaller sized can. What a shame.

How does your family mark time?


Noel said...

We've got a second trash can in the garage for handling trash surges. After the surge week, we draw out of the second can to top off our official can in following weeks. Glad we no longer have human diapers to deal with (but we do have kitty litter).

Inconvenience increased for us in December when with 4 foot snowbanks on the boulevard and a single width driveway outlet: the can becomes an obstacle to avoid while backing out of the driveway.

Noel said...

To limit trash overflow, I suppose we could also start asking guests to take their trash home with them....

Lyz said...

Noel - Oh no! I'll strategically deal with trash rather than have people take their own home!

Of course, I could have used real plates & cups at the party instead of disposable...