Thursday, January 7, 2010

I want CANDY!

My Ben has a sweet tooth. Almost every day he asks for a piece of candy. This is how the conversation typically goes:

Him: Mommy, me hungwy. Me want a frack (snack).
Me: What kind of snack do you want?
Him: Hmmm, piece of candy.
Me: That's not a snack.
Him: Fwuit frack?
Me: No, fruit snacks are a treat, not a snack. (despite the misnomer) How about (banana, Goldfish crackers & Craisins, granola bar...)
Him: Yeah!

Now, I have no problem with him having some candy once in awhile. But of course I don't want him to think that it's okay to eat candy or treats when you are really hungry!

Moderation is the key in life - deprivation could lead to gorging when he actually DOES get his hands on some sweets, and over-indulgence of course leads to excess weight and unhealthy eating habits. So if the kids ask for candy, they usually get a piece. As in, ONE. And I stopped buying fruit snacks in bulk from Sam's Club, just so I wouldn't be so tempted to hand them out more often.

On a separate (but soon to be related) topic, I love my husband, but "words of encouragement" or just compliments are not necessarily his default setting. So the other day, when he was talking the kids about treats and said something about "Mommy's good idea," it stuck with me!

He was talking about our candy bowls. I know, this sounds like a bad start. But stay with me.

For the last several years, whenever the kids bring home birthday goodie bags, they get a treat or two and the rest goes into the bowl. The same goes for parades, holidays, etc. After a day or two of the goodies being available but essentially out of view, they forget all about it.

Mommy and Daddy, however, can not only SEE it, but EAT it without asking permission.


Noel said...

So could cleverly placed candy treats entice Aaron the Handy Husband to move the new freezer to its regular position?

Noel said...

...and for noticing that you had a new family picture on your blog, could _I_ get a piece of chocolate?

Lyz said...

Noel - there are actually more issues with the freezer placement than just moving it into position, or trust me! I'd be doing it myself. Photos will be coming to illustrate what's up.

And yes, the new family photo is on Christmas cards for the locals. Bribery will get you smiling children - that is the lesson to be learned here.

mama.nichols4 said...

Liz, I am totally trying to implement the moderation idea you've exampled in the post. I've long been the mom that just says 'NO' all the time and my kids tend to hoard candy, mainly Serenity. The only concern I have about the candy bowl is that she's tall enough to see any bowl so she's more apt to dive in when I'm not looking.. maybe I've past the point of teaching with her? Eeks! She frequents the mint dish on the counter, nearly every time she passes it.. ugg! Alex is on a health kick and doesn't want to eat much of anything he shouldn't. Isaac has started a new habit of sneaking upstairs and eating anything that he sees, the other day it was the last 3 Special K bars, today he missed the cookies.. haha Elijah has found himself in a groove that tends to be based on screaming until he gets what he wants. Needless to say, we're not thrilled.

Lyz said...

Once the kids are tall enough to see the counter, I'll probably move the bowl to the cupboard.

All MY candy is in a REALLY big bowl, in a REALLY high cupboard! Out of sight works for adults, too.:)