Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just do it!

I've wanted to post this dude for awhile now, and today is the big day! Please leave some sort of comment to reveal yourself as a reader...(chirp chirp...chirp chirp)

What!? You say you don't know what to say? Well, this isn't a thesis paper, friends. You can just say "Hi!"

- What is your favorite "odd" food? We are trying tofu for the first time tonight.
- Are you a Valentine's Day person or not? I am, but not so much for romance as friendship.
- Have you held onto any of your college textbooks? If so, why? I am contemplating clearing mine out, finally.
- Do you have any questions for me about books, movies, parenting, decorating, etc? What my life goals and dreams are? ANYTHING?

Okay. Hopefully you have something now. If you have never left a comment before (or even if you have, I'm not picky!) please do so today. And I'll leave you alone for another year.

(The only rules: Remember, if you know me in real life, please don't use our last name or Aaron's job. Just trying to keep everyone safe.:)


Melissa said...

Liz Smith, I appreciate that your husband's job as a CIA operative doesn't get in the way of you posting regularly. I do enjoy having something to read while endlessly putting my baby to sleep. ;)

Lyz said...

Hehe! Thanks, Mel! Glad to have you here!:)

Joyful Living said...

Oh, you dirty girl :)

Noel said...

I've got pretty much all my college textbooks from 10 years as a student and then a number of years teaching at NDSU. Most are in the basement in bankers boxes, waiting for that day when I need to quickly refresh my memory on how to solve a particular type of equation, design a circuit, or write a program in one of about a dozen computer languages. There is also the possibility of needing them if and when I return to teaching. If I could remember what I've forgotten, I'd be a pretty smart person.

A few of my college texts are at work, most notably my worn and slightly water damaged physics text which I refer to several times a year.

I did throw away some books when we did our renovation: is this a book I want to haul out to storage and then back? I decided that maybe '80s _Dress for Success_ was not written for a business casual world, that I would no longer be writing a lot of MS-DOS software, etc. By the time my daughter's get to college, the texts may be electronic and this decision moot. What takes no space and has no weight is not a burden to retain.

Yet as a child of the 20th century, a son of depression era parents, books are valued and treated with respect. High school texts were dutifully protected with covers fashioned from grocery bags. I cringe when I see a book abused and it was painful to disgard the few that I have.

I recall from _The Agony and the Ecstacy_ the library of the Medici family in Italy at the time of Michaelangelo. It was a sign of wealth and, per Francis Bacon, a sign of power through the knowledge they contain. My library is larger and the knowledge more powerful than theirs. To disgard a book is to lose a bit of my present power and the foundation on which it is built.

Anonymous said...

Not only have I saved some of my college texts, but I have purchased books that could help with some other skills. Small engine repair, machine tools, welding technics are some I added to dendrology and airport management. Why? The same reason we have a closet full of very used toys and no children to play with them.

Stacie said...

Hi :) What are your life goals? I'm curious.

Lexie said...

no I won't just do it...

you and your needed comments... i'll have to have a conversation about this to understand a bit more why they are so important.

Noel said...

So how did the tofu turned out? I cube it and use it like chicken.

Unfortuneately I've been banned from serving tofu to other family members and have moved to individually wrapped soy patties and soy ground beef replacement for my personal use.

BlueCastle said...

Lyz! That guy is something else. :)

I'll bite. When are you coming down here to visit me? :)

And just my 2 cents on Lexie's question: Comments are important because they give you feedback on what people are thinking when they read your blog. They make blogging a conversation instead of a monologue - which can get pretty boring. It's nice to have visitors, but it's something else to have a conversation with your visitors. Anyway, that's just my opinion. Blah, blah blah. :)

Lyz said...

joyful - Aaron is scolding me. I know.:)

Noel & Dad - My textbooks are pretty much all literature, so I don't know how much I'll go back to them. I'll probably donate them.

Stacie - Wow! I didn't really think anyone would take me up on that - I'll have to do more thinking...

Lexie - Commments are the only way I can judge what people like to read! I also enjoy the conversation as Sarah said. I know there are many people who read that never comment (unlike YOU, my dear!) and once a year on a special day it's fun to try to draw them out. It also gives people who may be shy a more obvious invitation.

Noel - The tofu was a mixed bag. Aaron and I thought it was okay, Ben ate a TON, Leah ate the required amount with some protest. I'll probably try it again in a different recipe.

Blue Castle - Aaron has taken vacation for Leah's days off of school, so maybe one of those weekends...we do discuss it every so often!:)

Ruth said...

i've been cheating by reading you on google reader...tsk tsk. that said, i wanted to tell you that i have almost NONE of my text books, and only once, let me repeat ONCE i thought, hmmm...i wish i had that text book for this question i'm working on.

but then you know what i did? I WENT TO THE INTERNET. the place with all the answers.

also, i recently had tacos with strips of tofu that had been marinated and then cooked with Braggs, some sort of wonderful cousin to the soy sauce family.

It was one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life.

Your sister,
Ruth Smith

JJ and EJ said...

I'm catching up with blogs tonight as MVJ ZONKED out ---- thank you AND your children for entertaining her to a sleepy stouper! : )

Hmmm... I DO have some college textbooks and DO go back to them from time to time --- but ONLY the ones that contain useful things regarding diagnosing students' needs, specific lesson plans, certain behavior interventions, etc. MY problem is all these BABY MAGAZINES!! I've finally posted on For Sale for anyone who could use them. Because, like Ruth said, I can always just CHECK THE INTERNET if I have a question about my baby. Or call you, you mother of three you.

Thanks again for having us over this weekend.

JJ and EJ said...

Oops, I meant to add,

--Your SIL ESmith

Anonymous said...

I love the ideas you post and also, all of your accomplishments. HOW DO YOU DO IT??? I love your bedroom - thanks for the pictures - and please keep the recipes coming. Although, tofu - you can keep that to yourself, because I don't think the local grocery store sells it, to be honest! (Nor would I eat it...) If you could send your little army - or ambition - my would be welcomed!

Your cousin, Kate!

Anonymous said...

So I have tried to comment before, but have a difficult time getting it to work.

So here it goes again.

And here's my comment:

Liz--I like reading your posts. Sometimes they make me chuckle, give me inspiration, or go "hmmm."

Anonymous said...

So it worked. Yeah!

But didn't "sign" it. The previous post from "Anonymous" is from me, Lisa G. from TX

Lyz said...

Ruth - I miss your comments! Cheat away as long as you come back to chat once in a while!;)

EJ - Most baby/parenting magazines tend to repeat the same topics,so even if you get rid of a copy, your question will still come up a year later. It's not like there's a ton of new parenting questions being created: eating, sleeping, pooping, sassing the folks...them's the basics.

Kate - I'll try to include more recipes! I used extra-firm tofu, and the consistency was a bit like scrambled eggs. Go see if PR has it! I'd like to know! (It'll be refrigerated.)

Lisa - So glad to have you comment! If you started a Google account it might be easier (and you don't have to use your last name (or even a real first name!).
I hope the "hmm" isn't, "Hmm, that girl is totally insane.":)

Anonymous said...

I'll also take lots of advice on getting a busy 2 year old to NAP and bedtime at decent times. Ugh - it's been a struggle these last few months! I know - chaos doesn't help, but really...I need normalcy and a well-rested toddler! Thank you, in advance, for all suggestions!


Kim said...

want to borrow my copy of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society?

BlueCastle said...


That would be awesome. :) We would love to see you.

mama.nichols4 said...

I'm here.. you know me.. too busy to read every day.