Thursday, February 4, 2010

100 and counting

Ack! It's the last day of the giveaway! Go enter before midnight tonight!

Leah's 100th day of kindergarten is coming up soon, and those of you who have already reached this milestone may know what lays ahead: she's supposed to bring a collection of 100 things to school next week, and it has to be something that the kids can count and sort all week, so food is NOT a good idea.

This is also another milestone, of course: the first homework assignment that her mother does for her. Even though I have SWORN, as a former -and future- teacher, I wouldn't do that, I did give her quite a bit of assistance. I mean, she can't exactly drive herself to the store, right?

And I didn't really want to buy something anyway. Surely we had to have 100 of something around here, right?

Barrettes? Nope. Not even close, although we may have 50 roaming around here.

But I did have a stroke of brilliance with the next idea: plastic flatware. Kids stuff, not the disposable picnic stuff. These are bright fun colors, and even some polka dots!

Aaron took one look at the pile of bags on the table and asked, "Aren't you a little ashamed?" Yes, dear, yes I AM a little ashamed. Because, as he pointed out, we do have metal flatware for the kids, also. And that pile off what ended up being over 100 items didn't even exhaust the supply.

What did I include?

Ikea kids flatware - 15 or so

random brand from Target, similar to Ikea's - 12 (They were $1.40 for the whole set. You'd have gotten them, too, right?)

1st Years Take & Toss - many, many. These make up a majority of the pile. They are awesome for toddlers, and somehow (probably because of that "toss" part of the name) we ended up with mostly forks and no spoons. Or the other way around. In any case, I bought another pack or two, and now we seem to be overrun. Also, we have this brand of baby spoons, which are great, by the way.

Gerber's Tossables forks & spoons - I have no excuse. I think when I'm pregnant I compulsively buy these things.

Pooh set from Dollar Store - Not sure what planet I was on when I got these, but for some reason I thought we needed more so I threw them in the cart.
And then some additional odds & ends pieces.

I keep thinking that if we ever have a lot of kids over, we'll need a lot of suitable forks and spoons. But let's be honest here - I'm not EVER going to run a daycare, and we own a dishwasher. I'm never going to need this many forks & spoons. So when the 100th Day festivities are over, at least half of these will be making their way to the garage-sale box.


Noel said...

At least it wasn't 100 beanie babies from McDonalds as was assembled by one family in which I am alpha male....

Cousin KSchatz said...

I will gladly take some of it off your hands so that when baby Ben gets bigger, and cousin Tracer-tot are at my house..they can each have appropriate silverware. I'll buy it too!

Lyz said...

Noel- That is a LOT of Beanie Babies. But imagine how much they'll be worth in, like, 500 years!

Cousin - I will put a bag together for you after next week! Free for family.:)

mama.nichols4 said...

Ya know, when you told me you were using plastic flatware for this project, I had NO idea you were talking about the kid-ware. I totally thought you meant the pre-boxed picnic sets.. So, maybe I may have to revise my shock at Aaron's comment.. There may be a little shame involved in this mass kid-ware ownership. ;-)