Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heart Attack

YES, I know Valentine's Day was over a week ago. I've been trying to tell my kids that since we got back from a short family vacation on the 15th. Usually I try to plan ahead to minimize whining opportunities, but this time I messed up. I completely blanked that we would be gone over the big weekend and spent 2 weeks talking up Valentine's Day and what the kids would give to their friends. Now I get to spend another 2 weeks telling them to wait until next year...

Leah wasn't so much of a problem. We found these adorable flower valentines in Family Fun magazine, and she only had to make 10 to cover her whole class plus teacher. Still, it took her several days to cut out all the hearts necessary. And then I ended up trimming them all to the correct size (that was my fault - I drew them waaay too big) and uniformity. But they were very fun, and I'd much rather make something unique than just buy a box.
This would be Ben's response to taking a photo these days, and also a demonstration of Leah's extreme eye-rolling abilities. Is there an Olympic sport for that? I smell a gold.

Anyway - we DID end up buying a box of Cars valentines for Ben, of which he gave out exactly two, since he's not in preschool and missed the church opportunities. I think we'll be keeping the rest for next year.

Leah's class had an awesome event on the Thursday before V-day - a Mother's Valentine Tea. All the moms came in and helped the kids decorate their valentine boxes. All I can say is thank GOODNESS for foam stickers. Wow. And also, what a feat of strategic planning! Take two chaotic events, only use one morning of class time, and then send all the distracting stuff home with mom! Genius.
The moms were treated to a portrait gallery drawn by our kiddos...and not labeled. Which meant we got to try to pick out our portrait...and yeah. There are a lot of dark-haired moms in that class. Lucky for me, it only took me 2 guesses.

Don't you just love that she didn't do a stick-person? I just got beyond those myself in the last few years...

Also, the kids had written in their answers to a series of questions about their moms. Honestly, I was very, very nervous. But Leah surprised me with her kindness and generosity towards her somewhat computer-obsessed mother. Here are the questions and her answers - exactly as she wrote them:

My mom's name is: ___Liz___
She is ___23___ years old, but she looks ___20____ years old. (!!!!)
She likes to eat ___caek___. (???)
My mom spend most of her time ___takeing kaer of Adam__. (need to work on silent e's?)
When we are together I like ___playing___.
My mom is the best mom in the world because ___she loves me more then I think___. (aww!)

Okay, those of you with delicate heart conditions may need to have oxygen on hand for these next photos. Aaron took them, and the absolutely kill me every time I see them.

There you go. Now aren't you glad I warned you? Did you or your kids do any especially cute or sweet for Valentine's Day?


Noel said...

Aaron the Handy Husband extends the meaning of "handy" to encompass family photography....

Miss H said...

Oh my goodness, those balloon pictures are the absolute cutest! There's got to be a photo contest somewhere you can win with that grin!

Lyz said...

Thanks, Noel & Miss H! I'll admit, my baby is super-cute. I haven't entered any of my kids in a contest simply because I think there are so MANY cute kids out there...:)