Friday, February 26, 2010


Tonight at dinner, he asks if they can take out the marble-castle thingy.

Me: Sure, I guess....what put that in your head?
Ben: I don't know, my bwain, pwobably.

Ben: I saw Pastor Glen at our church. Pastor Glen goes to our church you know.

(Yeah, we know - he's our new head pastor! Ben feels a special connection since Pastor Glen tossed a football with him at our Super Bowl party.)

This week the theme for gymnastics was "Muscle Beach". The teacher said something about being "really strong!" today, and Ben chimed in, "Jesus is weally stwong!" The teacher, bless her heart, said, "Jesus is really, really strong!" Ben then also pointed out that Jesus walked on water. My wonderful little churchy boy!

We are working on his pronunciations of things, after the success of having him "practice" going on the potty. So when he was telling us about the plot of today's episode of "The Electric Company" and totally mispronouncing "electric", I said it very deliberately, "e-lec-tric", and then he tried to repeat after me. I said, "e-lec-tric" again, but he simply said, "company," and just continued with his narration! Silly boy.

I love this age for hilarious sayings.


Noel said...

The Electric Company anecdote makes me think Ben would be a great partner for the old gameshow "Password".

JJ and EJ said...

*so jealous* I canNOT wait for MVJ to begin enlightening us with what's going on in her crazy little head! : )