Monday, February 8, 2010

Forget the Super Bowl. This is way better.

This last week has been amazing. I mean, we didn't cure cancer or solve the energy crisis (???) or anything, but as far as our little family goes, things are really looking up. First, we'll start with the older of my two sons, Benjamin (almost 4 years):

* Ben started wearing underwear last Sunday. He has continued to wear them when at home. Instead of calling it "forcing him to potty train", we are saying he needs to "practice" wearing undies & going on the toilet.

* He wore the undies to playgroup on Friday morning, and went on the potty twice while there.

* He went POOPY on the potty for the very first time Saturday evening! Aaron promptly took him to Target to choose a new game - which ended up being Gator Golf.

* We had a mostly-guys only Super Bowl party, and even with a few friends here he STILL managed to keep his undies clean. He told me twice that he had to go potty.

* Today it seemed like all I did was run to the bathroom for false alarms, but since this is what preceded the big event on Saturday (poopy!), I tried not to get frustrated. And he went again!

* Also, this afternoon my mom stopped by for a few minutes, and Ben told her, unprompted, that he wasn't going to wear diaper any more. Praise the LORD.

* ONE pair of undies all day today for Ben. I am so, so proud of him. This is what he said to me tonight: "Know what me kweepin dwy? My undeweawr!"

And now onto the baby of the family, Adam, who was 8 months yesterday:

* Last Monday he started sleeping through the night. Mostly because I stopped nursing him when he woke up at 2am, but the expected fit-throwing wasn't there, so he must have been ready!

* Eating solid foods has really started to go well - he opens his mouth for bites and begs in between bites for MORE FOOD MOM. On the double.

* Found his 3rd tooth, almost all the way through already! It's a top one, looks like maybe a side tooth?

* Started rolling over, from his belly to his back. Which is the "easy" way, but at least it's a start!

* Now I feel like I'm feeding him ALL DAY. He nurses every 3 hours or so during the day, and also eats a fruit or veggie with cereal twice a day. Plus whatever bits of banana or other mushy food he can beg off of us. And he is a HUGE fan of the baby rice puffs.

Basically, it seems that my little guys are finally making progress towards being bigger guys. I know this should make me sad, but I'm so tired of changing diapers and being woken up 2-3 times a night, that I'm going to push right through the possible melancholy and just REJOICE!


Ruth said...


Aaron said...

So glad that my birthday buddy has decided to stop crapping in is pants. It reflected badly on all of us.

So, what did Leah do? I'm sure it's just quiet because next week she'll have figured out how to calculate square roots or something.

Noel said...

And how is the biggest boy in the house coming with his development project?

The last word was a hastily installed door as company was arriving. It didn't sound like the tile other items had all been put back. Biggest boys are always supposed to finish their home improvement projects as well as use the potty in a timely fashion and not be milkaholics (liked that SB commercial).

Lyz said...

Noel - Today's post is just for your questions!

Aaron - Square roots may be a bit beyond her yet, but she is teaching herself how to write in cursive. Does that count?:)

Ruth - I couldn't have said it better myself.

Also, last night was the first time in a really REALLY long time that I didn't have to get out of bed to deal with a kid. S-weet.