Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making laundry more enjoyable.

Lindsay was over here the other night and scolded me for not posting photos of the completed entry/laundry room. However, I didn't really think you'd appreciate photos filled with tools, paint cans, and the occasional large appliance (shop vac, anyone?). Thanks to our Super Bowl get-together, Aaron was finally inspired to put his stuff away, as well as put the doors back on the closet.

Just a review:

Under that dark cabinet was an untiled area. And you can't see the chest freezer, which I would be standing right next to as I took the photo. Also hidden are the brass light fixtures with 2 bulbs each in them.

And here is Aaron's finished product:

Awesome, right? By the way, there's nothing wrong with the floor in front of the freezer - that's a rug that got quite a bit of abuse during its days in front of the garage entrance.

The laundry baskets on top of the freezer weren't just for show - that where they are for about 5 days a week, since I try to do all my laundry in one day. Right now, however...well, let's just say that between Adam and Ben, I've either been feeding a kid or running a kid to the bathroom ALL. DAY.

Here's another view, from the opposite direction:

Now try to picture a smallish chest freezer right next that door. Yikes, right? Mornings seem much less cramped now. And I haven't had a near-death experience with this new arrangement yet.

The memo board is from Ikea. I got the boot tray this weekend, but I think we're going to fill it with river rock to help the water evaporate faster.

That big shelf we've had in storage since moving in, since it wouldn't fit anywhere else. Lucky me that I never gave up on it! The plastic drawers in the corner will soon be replaced with something like this, which will allow for better air circulation and keep stuff from falling off the top.
One nice thing is that the infant carseat fits just right so that the tripping over it is minimized quite a bit. Although it won't be hanging around for too long - Adam now weighs 21 lbs, and the seat maxs out at 22. It will be a sad day when I have to start carting that child around!
Aaron's total remodel included: removing cupboards & counter, patching the tile, painting the walls, replacing light fixtures (new ones have 3 bulbs each), painting the doors and trim white, and put up a new shelf. He's so awesome.
What room would love freshened up? Which is most in need? How much of your remodeling projects have you tackled on your own? Who does the painting in your family?


BlueCastle said...

Looks great, Lyz! I would love to have a room like that. :) Our laundry is in our dungeon of a basement inhabited by spiders and goodness-knows what else. Our freezer is out in the garage. It would be nice to have it all in one space and a proper mud room too.

Love the color on the walls.

mama.nichols4 said...

Love it! Aaron you did a great job!

Noel said...

Aaron once again shows that he is THE Handy Husband. Although after my last project, I learned it was something he hadn't done : recaulk a bathtub.

So where does the dog/cat paraphenalia go? (we hadn't thought about that, either)

Lyz said...

BlueCastle - the wall color looks good in the photos, but in real life it feels a bit like you are walking into a highlighter.:)

Noel - Aaron has already been talking about recaulking our shower! We will never have to worry about dog stuff, and if by some miracle we get a cat (in, like, 10 years), we'll worry about that at the time...maybe in the closet? Hmm...

Kim said...

The bright sunny yellow is great!

fyi: save energy and cold by filling the big empty spaces in your upright freezer with blankets or pillows.

Lyz said...

Kim - WHAT big empty spaces? Aaron is already questioning our compromise in getting the medium sized freezer, since it's almost full already. Maybe I was right after all! Good thing we held onto the chest freezer...

Cousin KSchatz said...

Well our guest room looks horrible. It is in desperate need of some TLC, which it will get once we can move some of our project supplies out to our garage. Thanks to the godfather..we have tackled installing countertops, a sink, repainting cabinets, installing vinyl flooring, LOTS of painting (done courteosy of Kate and myself), and the changing of light fixtures. I just may need to borrow him for a weekend again to learn how to install trim/baseboards, and how to do the sink drain stuff. I'm the handy-person in the house. The hubs tries, but usually his help equates to another mess/hole to patch up.

Melissa said...

I have a home improvement list a mile long. We are not handy. Rather, I am not handy, and I'm too impatient to wait on my husband to get motivated. So I pay others to do it and I get what want!

Next week: new writing desk/cabinets in the kitchen. Feb 25th: new fence. March 15th: backyard is getting relandscaped.

Despite paying others to do this stuff, I've been working exceptionally hard to get people to call me back. I called the granite company 6 working days in a row about my countertops, and they won't return my bloody calls. It's particularly annoying because it's turned me into a Stepford, whining about what a nightmare her remodel has become. I resent that the most!

Next up: turning part of my unfinished attic into another bedroom. Of course, this will be right after I win the lottery!

Well done on the new room. Isn't it funny how adult you have become when a new laundry room makes your day?

Our first house was built in 1895, and we put a lot of sweat equity into it. At this point, I can't even gather the energy to raise a paintbrush. I wasted all my gung-ho on that place!

Lexie said...

I think i'd love my whole kitchen re-done and include taking over the garage for a bigger space for the dining room and a new entry way. And knock out the wall to be able to see from our living room into the kitchen but that takes more thought since it's the weight barring wall. Oh the plans we have. And yes, all our remodel jobs will be done by Mr. J or my dad. I don't trust anyone else. And we both paint, it depends on 'who's' project it tends to be. Like the whole house, i painted. The new man cave that turned into a family room, Mr. J painted.
Love the new room & your right, its' bite like a high lighter but I assume you'll ever have to worry about not enough light bouncing around. Love that husbands are so helpful, it's nicer on the pocket book.

Lyz said...

Cousin - You are my hero. I can't imagine.

Mel - When I get really desperate for a job to get done, I threaten to pay someone else. That is crazy motivating for Aaron.:)

Lexie - Sounds like a good balance!