Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just another day in paradise.

Ben has developed a new way of sharing information, and it's along the lines of the joke, "Who has two thumbs and likes football? THIS guy," (pointing thumbs at self). For instance:

"Mommy, guess what I'm keepin dwy? My underweawr."
"Guess who wikes peanut buttah fwanwiches? Me do."
"Mommy, what wimes wif Target? Target." (We're still working on the concept of rhyming.)

And my favorite, "Mommy, what do dogs eat? Dog food. And frimp (shrimp)." Not sure where he got that one!


Leah had her 100th day of school today, and she got to spend the whole day there, instead of just the morning as usual. Sometimes I think she's getting all mature on me, and then sometimes I am thrilled with evidence of her innocence. Like today, when she wasn't sure if "Granny D" was REALLY her teacher's grandmother or Mrs. D in disguise. Or when, awhile back, she was convinced that her friend Addie was a real fairy, and had turned Leah and some other friends also into fairies. Eventually Leah put two and two together (in this case, the fact that she couldn't fly) and realized that Addie had been pretending the whole thing.


When Leah came home at 3:30, Ben rushed up to her and said, "Weah, me miss you! Me fwink Mrs. D was going to keep you all DAY!" Poor boy, he asked several times when we were going to pick Leah up, although I think that part of the draw is playing with his friend C at the students' recess time. I don't know what we are going to do with ourselves next year. Oh wait. We'll probably be busy trying to keep Adam from seriously injuring himself.


Milestone updates: Ben wore underwear all day today, completely successful, even with gymnastics this morning and Awana in the evening. He had a diaper on this morning still from overnight, but still told me when he had to go potty. Which makes me think that nighttime diapers may be on their way out, too.

Adam FINALLY choked down some applesauce tonight. For some reason, this and pureed pears have been the only foods he's resisted. And along with the increase in solid food consumption, one other thing has also multiplied: poopy diapers. I changed 4 on him just before 2pm today. Thank goodness Ben stopped crapping his pants - this baby seems to be doing enough for both of them.

What milestone has caused the most celebration in your house? Which are you most looking foward to? (Did you know that "they" have said it's now okay to end a sentence with a preposition? My proofreading just got that much easier.)


BlueCastle said...

I love the "Ben-isms"! So adorable! I miss having my kids be little like that. They were so sweet.

Our big milestone this week was Thing One finally finding a way to put batteries into his Stuart Little toy. He's had it since he was 2 and still sleeps with it (shhhh). He was over the moon with excitement to finally find batteries that worked.

mama.nichols4 said...

Another successful day at the Liz family house! Missed you at gymnastics yesterday.

Isaac has been attempting some potty training as well. 8-)

Lyz said...

Blue - Sometimes I get a little sad thinking about how the kids won't say these cute things after awhile...but then I think all kids say funny stuff, just at different levels.:)

Mama - Yay! Good for you Isaac!