Friday, February 5, 2010

But the day's only half over...

Yesterday was a stand-out day for us adults in the house. I think the house won.

* The toe of my slipper caught on the 2nd to last of the steps, which meant that I took one GIANT step for mankind to the floor below. I didn't fall, but was still very thankful that Adam hadn't woken up yet, because then I would have been holding him. Scary.

* Then at breakfast, I somehow managed to put my elbow in my own bowl of cereal.

* Aaron was switching lighting fixtures, and while carrying an old bowl-like glass dome, tripped and threw it against a wall, where it shattered.

* During dinner, Aaron also tipped over his own cup of water.

*This happened to be about 2 minutes after Leah tipped over her cup of lemonade, but at least hers stayed on the table. (And at least his wasn't sticky.)

Other odd occurrences:

We've been having problems with our projector. We thought that it had been getting overheated, which is why it would just turn off in the middle of a movie or Wii game. But last night it wouldn't turn on AT ALL, so we decided that the bulb must need replacing. And there's this kind of big football game on Sunday that we were hoping to have friends over to watch...getting the new bulb in time would cost $80 shipping. So we are borrowing the church's projector. Game on!

Aaron and I have been in an unspoken stand-off about his laundry. Specifically, who will break down and put it away first. Usually I do it, but for whatever reason, I didn't this week. Or the last three before. It may be that the piles of worn-but-not-deemed-dirty-enough-to-wash clothes were too high for me to get around. In any case, I took pity on him last night while he was dealing with the projector bulb issue. It took me half and hour to put it all away, and I'm not exaggerating. There were more clothes outside of his drawers than in them.
Here's the conversation we had once we got to bed:

Me: Honey? When was the last time you wore a short-sleeved polo?
Aaron: I don't know, probably summer. Why?
Me: Because...I put your laundry away tonight, and at the bottom of one pile was a short-sleeved polo and khaki shorts.... I could swear that we've cleaned that dresser off since summer!
Aaron: Yeah, I thought so, too...
Me: Didn't we clean it off for Thanksgiving? No, that was LAST year...maybe Christmas?
Aaron: Maybe I put them on after a shower when I was overheated or something..

Here's to fresh starts!

Today, no trips, no breakage, no tipped over drinks! No laundry piles! (Except for in Adam's room, where most of HIS wardrobe is piled on the futon.)

Us: 12,000 House: 0

Has your home ever tried to fight back? What lengths would you go to to attend/host a Super Bowl party? Who are you rooting for, anyway?


mama.nichols4 said...

I had a day like that at my house yesterday too! I was also the victim of a full glass of ice water, brr! (along with the dog sitting next to me, haha)

As far as the big game.. I'm still bummed about the Vikings missing their chance, so I'll watch but that's it.

Noel said...

We have a "haunted" wall in our kitchen which I attribute to it being a southern wall which experiences uneven heating and cooling because of the sunny exposure. The expansion and contraction causes stresses on mounting hardware. A number of years ago, we had a shelf fall off. Then about 2 years ago a cabinet fell off.

As one who watched the Vikings 4 super bowl appearances, I had hoped to be watching them this Sunday as well. I like Indianapolis, but a Saints victory would fuel more Viking "what might have beens."

Lyz said...

Noel, I was hoping you'd tell that story!