Tuesday, April 6, 2010

60 days to a new family!

Who invented this Google Reader thing? They owe me BIG time, for all the time I just lost - right after I get done saying THANK YOU for making it soo much easier for me to catch up on my blog reading. Which is essential to life, as you well know.

I have a few big things going coming up soon, and because I tend to double-book myself when things happen back-to-back like this, I'm going to write it all out here, and maybe that will help me make sense of it all.

April 8th - Ben turns FOUR! We are heading somewhere fun (his choosing, so McDonald's?) for lunch, and then having family over for cake and some birthday quiz.

10th - Ben's dinosaur birthday party at 9:30am! In the works is dinos in plaster of paris for the little guys to "excavate". Also, dino cookies to decorate and put on top of cupcakes. Enough sugar for ya?

Oh yeah, the 10th's not done. That evening is the yearly banquet for Leah's school, including both a silent & live auction. Each class put together a themed "basket" for the live auction, and ours contains $750 worth of scrapbooking/card-making materials, including a Cricut - the big one. I am so excited to see how much we can raise for the school!

12th - Swimming lessons start for Leah and Ben! Ben, of course, is refusing to look forward to them, but I addressed it briefly today and there was no outright rebellion, just a bit of crabbiness, so I'm getting hopeful.

16th & 17th - Dinner Theater at church - it's the youth group's major fundraiser of the year, and guess who they have directing that drama production? Um, me. For the second year. Who's crazier, them or me?! Regardless, I will have a LOT less on my mind after next weekend. Those kids better get their lines memorized, or I won't be responsible for what happens next.

24th - Ben's first soccer game! Whoo hooo! And I get to go to book club that evening. WHOO HOOO!

30th - MOMS Club showcase, where Mom and I are selling her jackets & my booties. We'll see how it goes.

May 3rd - Leah's 6th birthday! Lunch at a place of her choice - probably Chuck E. Cheese. Hope I remember to bring that cup of tokens from our last excursion...exactly a year ago.

6th - Yearly doctor visit for Leah & Ben. Not really a big deal, unless Ben is still pooping in his undies, and then maybe I'll be asking for a referral to a psychologist for him, and probably a psychiatrist for me. (For the record, Aaron thinks I'm overreacting. Who, ME?) By the way, I am proud of myself for not freaking out when he pooped in his pants today. He can do it for years, as long as he cleans it up himself. Which he is - even rinsing out the pants. At some point, he'll get tired of it. Eventually. Right?

8th - Leah's Ruff Ruffman birthday party. The invite list is at 21, including 4 older girls as helpers. This is her big shebang - she may not get another one like it until her Sweet 16, so I hope she enjoys it. I even emailed the show asking for a copyright release for Ruff's image. Geesh. What am I, some sort of suburban soccer helicopter mom?....Well? Am I?

27th - Leah's kindergarten graduation. How cute is that? I'll post photos, I promise.

Okay, so what's on your agenda for April/May? These months are classic for big events... I mean, maybe you don't have the humongous occaision of a kindergarten graduation, but maybe you have some other kind of something coming up?


Adrianna Gimbel said...

I TOTALLY understand! That is pretty much what the Gimbel's calendar looks like for the next couple of months! School will be out before we know it.

Kim said...

you forgot the farewell party you're skipping on April 10th and Mother's Day May 10!

Terri V said...

You forgot June, where your baby turns 1. Great Grandma is going to be a busy gal the first part of June with two great grandkids's birthday's two days apart and then her own.

Lyz said...

Kim, thanks for stressing me out more! I don't think I can make it to Joanne's...too much that day. And Mother's Day will be a buffet at the Ramada!

Terri - June has a whole bunch of stuff already, too, but I have to get through my first 2 birthday kids first!:)