Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Even more crazy than usual.

That's how I would describe this week. For me, at least. The kids have had life much as usual except for that Daddy is tucking them into bed instead of Mommy.

The play I'm directing at church goes public for the first time tonight when we perform for the youth group. Then Friday and Saturday evenings is the official event, the big youth group fundraiser, the annual dinner theater. Our church is not exactly designed for hosting a 3 course meal, silent auction, and full-length drama, so there are a lot of people and many, MANY volunteer hours involved with its success.

Our first rehearsal with a set was Monday night. And that went oh so well that the students begged for another rehearsal the next night. One terrified student said that if I couldn't come, they'd just have a "captain's practice". Not sure who was going to be the captain - but I was available. Of course, that also meant that I volunteered Aaron for yet another single-parenting night.

(Now, moms, I know that we all do "single-parenting" fairly often - I've had my share of solo nights. But I'm USED to it. Its always harder to do something that's out of the norm, and especially when that involves a 10 month old baby who still nurses before can understand Aaron's nervousness.)

Monday night I was gone from 6:15-9:15. Tuesday was a little easier for Daddy, since we didn't start until 7pm - I helped bathe the kids and put Adam to bed before heading out. Tonight I probably won't be home until around 9pm. Friday we will ALL be gone from 5-9ish, and Saturday will be the same for at least me - Aaron is working, and I'm trying to find someone to stay at home with the kids, so at least they get to bed at a normal time THAT night.

All these late nights mean that I've been in overdrive during the day. Washing dishes, tidying the kitchen, vacuuming the kitchen...these are all things I usually do after dinner. And I REALLY don't want to come home to that mess later on...I'd much rather crash on the couch and surf the Internet.

Plus, there's all the extra errands & appointments, like the first swimming lesson Monday afternoon (which went great! Ben got in the water, and even admitted to having fun!), renting a bunny costume, a Target run, etcetera, etcetera.

I haven't made it to the grocery store this week yet, and I have Leah's birthday invitations to print and mail this week...and a birthday party, and an art show, and possibly a visit from my grandpa...gah.

This is basically one long excuse for not posting more this week. But honestly, my priority is my family and my sanity. Hopefully next week things will be back to normal and I'll have all sorts of humorous and/or intelligent things to say. But tonight? I'm going to go cuddle with Aaron on the couch.

See you later!


Noel said...

Thank you for directing!

Noel said...

I thought it went well tonight.

The portrayal of Child 3 of the daycare center was exceptional and the copious amounts of duck (or is it duct) tape really kept the performance together.