Friday, April 30, 2010

Hopefully the kids will stage a coup tomorrow...

My kids are lovely. Today has been good, and I've accomplished a fair amount. For some reason, the back tire on Ben's bike won't touch the ground, which means he sits, pedals, and the nothing moves. It's actually pretty funny, but also very frustrating to him. Fortunately, Leah won Big Sister of the Year by letting him ride her bike for a bit. Also, Ben went #2 on the potty this morning! Not sure exactly why, but he's told me AGAIN that he's not going to poop in his undies anymore. One of these times I'll believe him.

So there's my day. Nothing too exceptional, at least not that I'm already sick of talking about (see: pottytraining.)

I had a request at the Modern-Day Jane Facebook page for information about our last book club meeting. We discussed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, which is the hot new thing in adolescent literature. I borrowed the book from a friend and finished it in one day. It was so good that I pretty much ignored my kids, except for cooking dinner & doing baths/bedtime.

At our club meeting, we discussed other post-apocalyptic teen lit novels and stories, and the story The Lottery came up. Some members were not familiar with this short story, although I think it is required reading in most high schools. It is one of the most horrifying examples of mob mentality, and also an example of "governing" the wrong way.

One of my favorite blogs mimismartypants just happened to mention this story recently. And since I'm having a little writer's block, I thought I'd pass you on over there. WARNING: This blogger is not kid friendly, and does occasionally use some swears. But she. is. funny. Plus, she lives in Chicago, and it's fun to read about the craziness of the big city where my sister lives. (Like El train rants!)

Also, whenever I feel the pressure to do MORE with my blog, I remember that the reason I love Mimi is just because of her writing. Not that I am nearly as good as she is. But, she doesn't have photos, rarely links, no advertising, and NO widgets, fancy or not. Stick to the basics, and do it to the best of your abilities.

Which is why I'm totally slacking off tonight. Apparently, I am a good slacker.

What's your favorite blog? What do you love about it?

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Noel said...

According to my droid phone, I frequent this web site more than others. My other computing devices would likely have other reports. Today I was musing, on reflection of "Should Lyz get an MA or ME?", about this blog done from a bit different world it post-modern-day-jane . I also pondered a movie alternative to "Becoming Jane" called "Deconstructing Jane".