Friday, April 30, 2010

Mom's day gifts - or birthday, if you're the procrastinating type.

digital camera without a spot on the lens - and automatic red-eye removal (because you KNOW that extra flash doesn't always eliminate the problem)

a year's worth of weekly menus & the coordinating grocery lists

this fun tape, brought to my awareness by my sister

frequent updates of the best price for toilet paper and diapers that don't involve me doing math

these photo ropes, which I'd like to hang EVERYWHERE...

a Keurig coffee pot and case of vanilla-flavored caffinated coffee that won't get me addicted to caffeine

pretty much any of these necklaces...

Cricut with all the cartridges that I might ever be interested in

these earrings, which I bought for a friend's birthday but almost kept for myself

Then there are the real biggies:

time to scrapbook and catch up on all my albums
time to catch up with all the housecleaning that's nagging me (windows, dusting, vacuuming upstairs...etc)
time to absorb all my kids' charms before they grow up too fast
time for a date night with Aaron once a week (I guess if you gifted me a babysitter, that would work, too)
a mama & daddy for every child
food for every mouth
peace in every country, with all people

You know, as long as I'm doing some wishing....


What are you getting YOUR mom to commemorate all the time she's put into turning you into productive member of society? That is not a small undertaking, you know.

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