Thursday, April 29, 2010

Old Man is Snoring

Our first really good spring rain came today. Here's what else happened:

- We slept in. (Well, maybe not entirely because of the rain. But I swear the barometer pressure makes a difference.)

- Aaron had to work in the basement instead of the yard, replacing ceiling tiles.

- Leah had recess in the gym instead of the park, which worked out perfectly, since us half-day moms had planned to have pizza for lunch with the kids at school.

- Ben got really, REALLY sweaty running around in the gym.

- Ben also had to apologize to his little friend Cadence about five times for hitting her. Accidentally? On purpose? Who is really to say?

- The big kids and I went to Target. It took them a full five minutes to walk the 20 feet to the store's door - because they were sharing an umbrella.

- Found flip-flops for Ben & Leah, some new storage for Leah's dress-up collection, and Multigrain Cheerios for $2 a box! (with a coupon, of course)

- Almost poked myself in the eye twice maneuvering our two umbrellas, a sliding van door, and Ben's carseat straps.

- Ben fell asleep on the way home and slept for another hour and a half.

- Oh yeah, that other kid? Adam slept until 8:30am, napped from 10-11:30am, and then again from 2pm - 4pm. Good napping weather!

- No soccer for Ben! And it was such a relief, too, since Leah has gymnastics from 3:45-4:45pm, and soccer practice starts at 6pm. It's a tight time schedule, especially to try to get a home-cooked meal in between those two events.

- The rain cleared up just before dinner, so Aaron was able to escape the house - to the driving range, of course. Leah went with, and was a great help in pounding tees into the ground.

- The boys got baths. Ben turned nice & pruney in a long bubble bath.

I love rainy days, and especially in the spring! There's just something about all that sand and scum being washed away. Now if it would all clear up for Aaron's golf excursion this weekend...a happy husband is always lovely!


Any special rainy day activities?

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Noel said...

...and the rain really seems to be greening up the yard. My wife, sister-in-law, and niece will be scrapbooking today.