Monday, April 5, 2010

Now all I need is the Farmer's Market...

I think it's officially spring. Of course, we could still get a blizzard, but I'm starting to think that's less and less likely. But not impossible.
Here's my evidence in favor of Spring:

* Aaron bought both the kids baseball mits & balls. Leah's is pink.
* I've signed the kids up for swimming lessons, soccer (Ben), tennis (Leah), and a couple of art classes (Leah)
* Adam has had his first taste of pea gravel from the swingset - by his own hand, NOT falling.
* I broke out the flip-flops. Who cares if my feet are a bit chilly! Socks feel confining.
* Aaron has started lawn care - raking the front yard.
* Also, he's getting to the root of why our yard takes longer to turn green than the neighbors' does.
* Next project: Building garden beds! Too bad we decided not to use the treated timbers Aaron bought extra of last summer, in order to avoid getting cancer.
* The Easter bunny DID make it to our house, in the form of Auntie Korina. She brought sand shovels & pails for the kids, artwork for the mom & dad, and candy for everyone!

* First family bike ride of the year! Adam rode in the trailer like a little man. Grandpa's head was too big for my helmet, so he took a risk. Kids, wear your helmets!

* My mom was back to work making an Easter dress for Leah. She loooved it.

* I'm starting to think the kids need baths more than 3 times a week.

* Washing hands before eating is now mandatory, not an afterthought. (Bad mommy!)

* The kids smell like fresh air.

* Ben has finally stopped asking if he needs to wear a hat & mittens before heading out.

* The thought of switching Adam to a new carseat isn't quite so terrifying. But I'm holding onto that infant seat for his naps at playgroup & church. Thank goodness for minivans!

* Check it out! All of us in our Easter duds, and nobody's freezing!

Hope you are all enjoying it also!


Noel said...

Was VERY nice to sit on the patio yesterday afternoon in short sleeves. You could also mention we had no measurable snow in all of March and now into April.

Noel said...

PS if you are looking for some annuals, especially irises, let my wife know.

Anonymous said...

No spring here! It's Mud Season! We have had snow every day for a week (over a foot). In the spirit of mud season (our spring) I have quite making the kids wear snowpants, coats and gloves; although, hats and fleece pull-overs are mandatory. Bike rides through slush and mud make the season more fun and the laundery even funner (is that a word?). Plants will have to wait until June, or risk having to buy more due to snow, frost and freezing temps at night. But the day I buy plants will officially mark the end of mud season and the beginning of summer. I'll keep you posted!

Ruth said...

yay for photos! good to see those babies!

and happy happy happy easter. i hope there is a birthday update soon...