Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Already an Addict

Have you seen the skeeter counts for this area? Apparently the count in the mosquito traps (I have no idea how they do this, by the way) jumped from 24 to 200 something. Which basically means all those T-shirts about being carried away by super-sized stingers may actually be true.

My kids had matching bites on the necks, right on the hairline. So I whipped out my secret weapon: Target's No-Itch (clear) lotion. This was recommended by a friend last summer. Apparently there is a numbing agent in it, so it's not just a psychological thing. It actually works.

And now my daughter is addicted to it.

The up-side of her developing Type-A personality is that she adheres to a routine, once it's established. Wait, did I say that was a good thing? Let's just say it depends on the situation.

And in THIS situation, it means that as soon as a mosquito bite starts to itch, she demands to have lotion put on it. Which means I'm carrying this bottle in my purse 24/7, and she woke me up at 2am to put some on her arm. "No, not there, Mommy, HERE."

She's also very diligent about being "sprayed" with our standard spray, Deep-Woods Off. This is a good thing, except I haven't been putting it on her face. And now tonight at bath time she asks, "Mommy, do I have a bump (bite) on my forehead?" Um, yeah. Two. And one in the corner of her eye by her nose. The magic lotion is in the bathroom waiting for the wake-up call.

Ben? He's not so into it. He doesn't trust me. Just wait until those skeeters start lifting him off the ground. THEN we'll see who he comes running to.

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Noel said...

Bummer. I was concerned the 'squitos would move in once I left the country...

-- Noel from Tampere, Finland