Monday, June 2, 2008

You know what they say about kids being TOO quiet?

Sunday afternoon Aaron and I were analyzing the day's realty open houses. We usually look online on Saturday, and then skim through again Sunday to make sure we didn't miss any, and mark the ones we liked the day before.

We were deep into the list when I realized that Leah and Ben, playing in the yard, had been awfully quiet for an awfully long time.

I went out, called for Leah, and checked around the back of the house where the lawn shed is. No answer.

Back up on the deck, looked down to the gate, calling the whole time, with no answer.

Notice the gate is open.

Thankfully, the cursing stayed in my head.

I ran out into the front yard, where I see my two cherubs happily riding their trikes on the sidewalk, about one house down. Have I mentioned before that we live on a rather major street? WE DO.

That moment tops my previous Most Terrifying Parenting Moment, which was when I arrived home from a morning at the park to find that Ben had not been strapped into his infant seat. Gack!

So anyway, I ran over to the kiddos, who clearly had no clue they were being naughty.

Me: Leah, you CANNOT be riding bikes out here without Mommy or Daddy!

Leah: (rather insulted) Yes, I can!

Me: No, you can't! You need to ask us when you want to come out here!

I managed to keep my voice down a bit, but the lady walking her dogs across the street was still laughing. I'm sure she saw -and understood- the whole scene, and personally, I'm just grateful she wasn't on her cell phone calling Social Services. If you think she should have, check out this blog. You'll just LOVE it.

One more cute kid story - We were up at mom & dad's the other day, and Ben was messing around with something in the living room where Dad (Grandpa) and Aaron were watching TV. He was going to put it on the coffee table, but instead of putting it, he was going to slam it.

Grandpa: No, no, Ben, put it down gentle.


Leah: No, put it down gent-ly, Ben.

Me: Wait a minute, did she just correct Dad's grammar?

Grandpa: Yes. Yes she did.

And what was really shocking, is that she was right. I honestly don't know how she knew that - Aaron and I have a fairly good grasp on adverbs & adjectives, so I don't think she's heard us correct each other...But it looks like we may have another Grammar Master on our hands.

Yay for us.

This is Leah and Ben being appropriately quiet. Leah is READING Dr. Seuss's "Hop on Pop" to Ben. Who was thrilled. She also puntuated her reading with identifying the photos to which Ben was pointing. Hence his expression.


Noel said...

If you replace "riding trikes" with "stalking wildlife", you get a Most Terrifying Cat Owner story complete with dialog.

As for the previous #1 on your list, its amazing how attitudes have changed regarding auto safety over the last 40+ years. Whole generations grew up without seat belts in cars, let alone child seats. Situation normal in the 1960s is now a Most Terrifying Parent Moment in the 2000s. Much better for kids today.

Noel said...

Don't recall if you had Iowa in your state collection yet.

-- Noel from Waterloo

mama.nichols4 said...

After shopping with you and the kids yesterday, I'm sure you have very little to worry about with your kids. Of course, the street you're referring to is crazy busy and who knows who might stop and pick up the little cuties.. Ugg!

(I can only dream of such obedience in Isaac.)

James (PSA, Inc.) said...

That pic of them reading the book is too cute!