Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's better if it's stolen.

We had a lovely family dinner last night at the Texas Roadhouse, which went very well, until we sat down in our booth. At that point, our children promptly turned into animals. It didn't help that Aaron had arrived first (on his scooter) and ordered the kids specialty drinks - a cherry limeade and a Strawberry Cowboy cooler? The man has been a dad for FOUR years. Has he learned nothing? Our kids usually get chocolate milk or lemonade at restaurants. These red drinks just made them nuts.
And did someone say nuts? Texas Roadhouse has peanuts at the tables instead of popcorn or chips, thank goodness. I'd much rather have my kids fill up on something with some nutritional content. But between the drinks and peanuts, the kids ate about two bites of their dee-licious steak & mini-burgers. One kids meal would have been plenty for both.
Poor Ben was so tired (we'd been at a park beforehand) he was laying his head on his arm:
And then he was so nice and actually posed for me!

During the course of the meal, Ben decided that he enjoyed Leah's peanuts much better than his own. Also, he was eating at about twice the speed of Leah (typical).

I predict this boy will be a master of manipulation - he already does a pretty good job with his mom - and even the sister being robbed wasn't too upset. The sign of a true genius.

ps - the outfit was a gift and has shorts of the same fabric. Be nice.


Noel said...

But for parenting experience, aren't 4 Dad-years something like 6.9 Mom-months, using a 7-to-1 conversion factor?

Blue Castle said...

Ben has the cutest face. I can sympathize about the drinks. Dads just don't have the "Mom factor". I remember one time, visiting some really nice friends of ours, that my husband took my oldest son - who was still in his pajamas - to the hardware store. My husband thought it was okay because the jammies had miniature tools all over them.

Ruth said...

wow. that last comment cracked me up. so if the toddler is wearing elmo pampers, it is totally fine to go to sesseme street on ice without any pants. IT'S A THEME.

that is a great series of photos, liz! thanks for the pics! also i had a dream about ben speaking to me in full sentences. dream me thought: wow. his speach therapy is going really well.

nydampress said...

Stealing food must be a family trait. Aaron often gazes towards my plate if he hasn't had his fill from his own. Actually, this happens to nearly anyone around me, since it takes me forever to eat anything.

Love the pics Liz! Ben is adorable, although he will be EVEN MORE adorable once Ruth's dream comes true :)

Aaron said...

Wow, that series of Ben's faces is hilarious. Can't wait to hang out with that stinker again!