Monday, June 30, 2008

More Memory Than They Counted On

The kids have established “going around the block” as their regular route for riding trikes.

Well, Leah pedals her trike, but Ben really just rides while Mom or Dad pushes. Sometimes he’ll go Flintstone-style, but he’s got us figured out and enjoys working the system, getting a free ride at a much faster pace than his own. He’s even exploring standing on the little foot rest while we push, or standing on the seat itself. I predict that this is not the last summer that his knees will be covered in scabs.

Our block is extra big because of a “elderly care facility” about 4 doors down from us. It and its facilities make up half the block.
The first time we explored this route, Leah noticed that there were little signs under some of the trees behind the elder-home. We stopped at each one so I could read them to her, and we continued home.

A few days later we were again making our way around the block, and as we approached the first of these trees, Leah sang out, “In loving memory of Donald Pete Bucholz!”
And this continued: “In loving memory of Grandma Irene Bucholz! In memory of Ruth Moll! In memory of Vera Bruebeck! In memory of George Thompson and Mary Thompson!”

I was shocked that she remembered these names so clearly, but apparently Aaron had done the same thing with her just the day before. It is now part of the ritual of our walk. She’ll check, “Is this the Brubeck or the Moll one?” and has me read the “In memory of…and in honor of…” at the Thompson tree. Just to be sure she gets it perfectly correct.
I wonder if those families knew that when they dedicated a tree in the memory of their loved one, that they were also committing them to the memory of a 4 year old girl and her mother.


nydampress said...

I really enjoyed this post Liz!
Further proof that Leah rocks.

Ruth said...

i also love legacy signs. great action shots!

totally off topic: please remind leah that tim is part bear, and he has bear hair. it will just make me happy.

JJ and EJ said...

Aww, that is really sweet. Can't wait to see you guys Friday!