Sunday, June 8, 2008

And the best part is, I can go to garage sales again!

After looking at AT LEAST 57 houses - those are the ones for which we have info sheets- we have finally found one that's just about perfect!

It has:
One big open room, just waiting to have parties
NO formal dining room
An amazing kitchen, which includes:
a garbage drawer
a chopping block section of the counter
a cooktop in the island
a prep sink also in the island
an eating section of the island
oodles and oodles of cabinets (all with roll-out shelves) and countertop!
The dining area currently has a 10 person maple table in it, which was part of our initial offer, but was rejected by the owners. Because it was custom made for five THOUSAND dollars.
3 bedrooms upstairs
Master bedroom closet that may be turned into a bedroom in the future. No joking.
A huge yard.
With room for a swingset, sandbox, AND the waterslide. This is all Leah needed to know.
On a golf course. Aaron is already making plans for buying a golf cart to drive the 8 houses to the clubhouse.
Oh, this house is also 4 doors down from friends of ours, whose daughter is a good pal of Leah's.

We close July 11th, and oh boy! Are we excited!


stephanie said...

I am SO excited for you guys! It really does sound like a good match for you...and on a golfcourse? Whoa! Yeah yeah!

Aaron said...

Way to go! Now pass some of that good house-finding mojo to us! We've already looked at like, 12 houses.

nydampress said...

Awesome! Can't wait to visit, of course that wont be for another 7 months.
I hope soon we'll be in the same boat as you. Well, minus the golf course and the water slide. Although that slide sounds really good right now (aka this heat&humidity is KILLING ME!)

Ruth said...

wow! it was worth it to hold out! good job liz! congrats congrats exclamation point exclamation point

Dawn said...

that's awesome, Liz! I'm sure it's a relief for you, and also exciting! Sounds like a great space for you and yours. It pays to wait and find just what you want.

Noel said...

I think Aaron the Spouse mentioned 2 of your 15 house features when we chatted at church. Much of our discussion was spent explaining where it is since it is a subdivision I have seen on the phonebook map, but don't recall ever visiting in my 20 years in Fargo. That may change with your next moving party ;-) .

JJ and EJ said...

Yay! How exciting!