Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What a Zoo.

As if yesterday weren't enough, today we met three other moms at a zoo about an hour away. All the moms are friends of mine, but none have kids that are really Leah's buddies, so we borrowed one. Best Frenemy M rode along with us for the fun.

Leah and M chattered on about "clumps of trees" and "castles" (farmhouses!) along the interstate for most of the drive. At one point, I heard this conversation:

M: I'm going to be in heaven someday.
Leah: No, you're not.
M: Yes I am! My dad told me so last night.
Leah: Well, boys are usually wrong. (!!!! Not sure where she got this...Aaron's sure it's because I always argue with him, but I think she was just trying to make her case...)

Me: Leah! That's not true! And, M means that because she believes in Jesus she'll be in heaven someday, right M?
M: Yes.
Leah: Well, I've never heard anything like that before.

That's where I gave up. Folks, she has just had a FULL WEEK of that message at Vacation Bible School. Not to mention Bible stories every night at bedtime, etc, etc. She's a stubborn, stubborn girl, who will not give up an argument. Wonder where she gets that.

The Zoo was a total success and included a ride on a carousel, tigers, spider monkeys, the girls petting a miniature horse, a picnic lunch, bison, ducks, and zebras.

Ben was asleep in the van before we got to the Interstate again, and M fell asleep about half way home. Right after we dropped her off, Leah (who had stayed away somehow) and I had this conversation:

Leah: I don't have anyone to play with!
Me: Are you KIDDING? You got to play with friends yesterday, and you just got to play with M ALL MORNING!
Leah: But I never...(this is usually followed by "get to do anything fun" or "anything I want to do" but she knew better, and I cut her off...and may or may not have slapped her leg.)
Me: Don't even. We have done nothing but fun stuff all day yesterday and today. Now knock it off and go to sleep.

Which she did. Both kids were sleeping when we got home, and then slept for an hour (Ben) and an hour and a half (Leah).

Ahhh. Another successful day.

ps... Ben's new words: Bike, boat, hat, hot. Oh, and crocs. You know, the shoes.


Aaron said...

Ben is saying "bike" eh? Probably better get him one, just to be safe.


"Boys are usually wrong." Wow, serious rofling over here.

Ruth said...

don't you love the self-assuredness of girls under the age of 16? after that, boy pressure sets in. but pre-16, it's like, well, if i didn't read a book about it, it's not happening.

Noel said...

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

After visiting the "new" zoo in the Twin Cities for the first time a few weeks back, I gained a greater appreciation for how many animals we get to see at our two upper Red River zoos / mile walked.

Stacie Anderson said...

Mackenzie had a lot of fun at the zoo. Thanks again for taking her along! Love the conversation between the girls :)