Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only in extreme circumstances.

Here are some things I just don't do. What brought this on, you ask? Well, until the other day, wearing Crocs-style shoes would be on there. But I recently bought a pair ($8 knock-offs), although I only intend to wear them around the house/yard.


1. Wear sweatpants in public. Yoga pants, maybe.
2. Wear my glasses in public. If you see me with them on, you are free to ask how I'm doing and if I'm planning on having Lasik.
3. Mow the lawn. Which is why I expect Aaron to give me lots of praise for the five or so times I've mowed our rental lawn while his knee is healing up.
4. Eat the fat on the edges of meat. I'm sorry if it offends you that I'm "wasting the best part" ahem, Dad, but go ahead and eat it yourself. I really don't mind.
5. Play tag.
6. Ride rollercoasters. I have before, so don't think I'm afraid of them. I just don't find feeling like I'm going to die very fun. I'll be happy to hold your bags while you ride. See you at the bottom.
7. Dress in sports attire unless I'm actually doing something sports-like. Others may be deceived into thinking that because I'm wearing sporty sunglasses or a "wicking" T-shirt I may actually be doing something athletic. The aforementioned yoga pants don't count, by the way, since they have transitioned into loungewear. At least at my house.
8. Floss. My dental hygenist has learned to accept it. Probably because I haven't had a filling since grade school, and even then it was only two.
9. Cut hair. It has to do a little with my hair phobia, but mostly it's because Aaron is very particular, and I'd rather hear him gripe about his haircutter lady (he hates the word "stylist") than me.
10. Leave the house without showering. Unless I'm heading to a garage-sale. That would be an extreme circumstance.


Noel said...

I could teach Aaron how to cut his own hair. It's pretty easy for the "Prince Valiant" look and it may be coming back into style after 800 years. It would also be a big hit at Leah's princess parties.

Cutting one's own hair saves money and if you don't like it, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Aaron said...

Liz, leaving the house without showering and getting away with it is one of life's little pleasures. This is also a great reason to keep your hair cut short (less to show bedhead), and as an added bonus, the shorter your hair is the easier it is to cut yourself. It's a trifecta of awesome.

Dawn said...

Never say never! (wink)

Erhardts said...

I TOTALLY AGREE GIRL!!!!!!! Keep the list coming!

JJ and EJ said...

I really enjoy doing most of things on your list (minus the fat off of meat). : )